checking gas level

Im still pretty new to mopeds only had mine for about 4 1/2 months but ive learned ALOT and taught some people alot.

i was wondering how you guys checked your gas level either by dipstick or guessing or whatever secret method, just need some ways to check mine.

Re: checking gas level

Ben Van Zoest /

I use to light a match to look inside but got smart and bought

3 ft of clear gas hose stick it in the tank put me finger on top and pull and look got to hold at the same angle as the tank tho.

Now I keep an eye on the odo and fill it every time it logs 50 more miles it takes some math tho.

Re: checking gas level

I just pop the cap off and shake the bike. You can tell by the amount it sloshes around.

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I use a little rubber cable like a dip stick and see how much gets moby came with one on the cap so i applied the idea to my puch's

Re: checking gas level

Saab thats how I do it with my foxi,Works excellent.

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i shake it.....and listen.

I know its a complicated method but works for me.

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Re: checking gas level

flick up and down the outside and listen for the change in tone.

Re: checking gas level

Yeah, a combination method a little tapping with the knuckles for tonal range, and then a nice hip shake left and right to get the proper sloshage. very complex.

Re: checking gas level

I installed a sight tube after my filter. i.e. Petcock-filter-hose barb T- carb. The T is inverted to let any bubbles go up and out. On the top end of the sight tube I have a stone filter to let it breathe. Works like a champ. Simply look down and you have instant reading.

However, there are disadvantages to this rig, as I found out this morning. Inorder to to connect all of this together I ended up with a coiled snake up under and between the frame and engine. It all fits where the carb used to fit. (it's a 91 Tomos A35 auto step through) After hitting a small pothole today the line became kinked and severely reduced the engines output.

It wasn't until I returned to the Batcave that I found out what the issue was. All I had to do was strap the hose to keep the line smooth and could have been repaired in the field, but I was only about a mile from the house and i was able to limp back about 13/16ths of the way before actually having to push it.

I didn't come up with this idea. Some genius on this site did. I just thought it was such a neat idea that I'd try it. I highly recommend it.

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