My project begins...


Sava MC11 tires

EBR forks

HD Chain

Chromed out adjustable rear shocks

All new cables

new fuel petcock

NGK plug

Polini speed kit

Dellorto 16mm PHGB

Malossi intake

Proma GP pipe

new fuel lines

re-upholstered seat

Cafe bars

The Puch won't know what hit it.


Re: My project begins...

Moar of the Austin Healy!

Re: My project begins...

You like? Wish I could say it was mine. Doing some work on it for a friend of mine. Just bought it and one front brake caliper is frozen and it needs a good tune. It was sitting for awhile so it needs to be driven a bit, which I will hopefully get to tomorrow, hehe.

Re: My project begins...

I like it a lot I just think it needs to be British Racing Green with a tan leather interior.

Put that thing to the test tomorrow :D

Re: My project begins...

nice begnning, can't wait to see the finished product!

Re: My project begins...

Yeah! Im doing a similar project to my magnum, too. Using a lot of the same stuff.

Whats the "Austin Healy"? I know someone named Austin Healy.

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