Just picked up a Tomos LX

So I ended up getting the 99 TOMOS that I was talking about in my first post, I talked the guy down to 560, it's got 2700 miles on it and it looks almost new, the only thing is I need to reattach the side cover (missing a bolt) and one of the mirrors broke off so I am hoping I can just glue it back on or find one for cheap. One thing though I was wondering what type of transmission fluid and oil I should pick up because I want to top off those fluids tomorrow, so if anyone can help by throwing out suggestions that would be awesome.

Re: Just picked up a Tomos LX

also, the exhaust say biturbo on it so it might have a biturbo in it already (don't know how to check)

Re: Just picked up a Tomos LX

type a transmission fluid. i got an 03 lx and i love it. not as mush as my maxi, but i still love it.

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