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Hello my fellow troopers. I'm about to buy a 1979 Moby 7.

I'm still fairly new to this moped thang so i had a couple of questions i wanted to ask!

Are they the same as the 40 & 50 models?

Also are the parts interchangeable with it's sister models? LOL those are kinda the same question but i just wanted to know.

& also the person says it miight need a new stator coil, what is that? A starter? LOL sorry, i'm pretty dumb when it comes to mopeds but i love em!

All info would be greatly appreciated, and thanks!!


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some stuff is some stuff isn't

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not particularly helpful zeke...

a stator coil could be either the lighting coil ( the coil that supplys power to the lights and accessories of your moped), or the ignition coil (the primnary coil that sends electricity to the high tension exerior coil which in turn fires your spark plug); if you're lucky, it's neither of those coils, and the one needed is actually the high tension coil (the one that's not inside the engine), best thing to do is to do a little searching and find a motobecane manual (there are a few places that have them online i can't think of any off the top of my head, since i don't have a motobecane), i know they're out there on a few websites without buying one, personally if you do find one for your specific model, i'd say buy it anyway it's nicer to have a good copy of a manual in front of you rather than constantly checking your computer, or trying to read someone's photocopy) alternatively you could repost these same questions in the repair forum on this website...

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The biggest issue with this model is you can not put a variator on it. The 7 has a one speed clutch. The bike itself is a bit small for some one my size (6' and 210 lbs) compared to the 50V, but the girlfriend loves it.


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7's are great!! They also suck because no one will sell me one.

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All you need to know

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