Eventful day indeed

So, first, I went to work today. That was only interesting because it was my last day before I got layed off. Only had to work half the shift for all of the pay. Whoopie. So now I'm officially a part of the unemployed masses.

Then, I figured, since I'm not employed now, I may as well go get my bike plated.

So, I did. FINALLY! After what... Three years? FInally I'm plated. And insured. Only one more step before I can really go nuts: DL.



Re: Eventful day indeed

I can top That scott I spent all day running back and forth in the pouring rain trying to find those little springs in pens to fix the switches on my Foxi,If that wasnt bad enough I had to keep it half in and half out of the garage proped against the door frame because I dont have a kickstand on it.

Re: Eventful day indeed

yeah no kick stands suck where a helmet they work :P actually 1 of 3 reasons i wear a helmet

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