Custom Cafe Bars???

1977 is sold out of Cafe Bars and they are something Ive wanted for my ST for a while.

Does anyone have advice on the best specs for them?

I know i need 7/8 inch pipe, but how wide should the section where it drops down and what angle do you think i should set them back?

This is kind of a spur of the moment idea so if i sound like an idiot i apologize. But any help would be awesome!




Re: Custom Cafe Bars???

Moped Game Sally Struthers /

i have a set $30 shipped to your doostep.

Re: Custom Cafe Bars???

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I used threaded 7/8" steel, with 7/8" bolts, and long coupler nuts.

I tried to put a drop in it, but actually broke my vice bending it. Took a lot of heat (torch), and about a three foot piece of pipe on the end to bend it. If you've got good equipment, it's not too hard, cost me around 35 for materials, but I had a lot of steel left over.

Fuck the specs, figure out where you want your hands, and build it. As long as it's right for you, it's right.

Re: Custom Cafe Bars???

use old handlebars, then u know they will be perfect and u can measure them very easily. i made my own out of a set of old puch high bars.

Re: Custom Cafe Bars???

^^ See thats how you do it sonnnnn

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