Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Hello everybody. I thought I'd check back up and let everyone know my impressions of the wildfire WF110-m1 I bought 3 weeks ago.

It arrived in a crate that wouldn't fit a bike 1/2 its size, and as you can imagine it took a LONG time to assemble. About an hour to unpack it and clean the oil off all the parts, and close to two hours to assemble it, and double check all the nuts and bolts.

After that, I drove it up and down the street about 6 times re-adjusting all the brakes, throttle, shift pedel and kick pedel.

So I got the bike on a thursday, but It really wasn't ready for a real drive until the following tuesday.

Now as some of you know the wildfire WF49-M1 is a 49cc fourstroke 4speed noped and the ""upgraded" model I bought is a 110cc fourspeed. So they are not true mopeds, but they follow the moped fourm of having a step thru frame, exelent gas milage and small overall size.

I own two running mopeds, a Tomos TT-LX with an A-3 engine, and a Trac. I'll compare these to the wildfire when it matters.

As for the drive. It has more power then a tomos with the 70cc kit, but then again it is a larger engine 110CC I found top speed is just 45mph.

I'm a fatty, so your speed may be greater. my tomos tops out at about 37mph. my stock trac at 33.

The wildfire pulls much better then any true moped due to its manual 4 speed trans, so its not fair to compair the two, but I will say I enjoyed the better take off from stops.

The Wildfire and the Tomos have about the same build quality, but the both are a distant second to the Trac Eagle. its fit and finnish are automotive quality.

I was worried that the wildfire would be crappy since its built in china, but its not bad at all.

Ride is about the same for all 3 bikes. The shocks on the tomos are a weak spot, the tracs are a bit too firm, and the wildfire is about right, maybe a little too much bounce on big bumps, but not to bad.

The tomos and Trac beat the pants off the wildfire in noise and vibration. The wildfires 4 stroke engine sounds like a dirt bike, not a moped, and it hits a point were it vibrates pretty good. The Tomos will vibrate when it nears top speed, but not as bad as the wildfire, and the Trac just doesn't vibrate at all.

All three bikes handle about the same, with the Tomos having a slight edge over the other two.

I like the lights on the wildfire better then the 6volt system of my tomos, and way better then the tracs. But the wildfire has a battery, so its cheating! It has high and low beams, good for late night drives.

Well, thats it for now, I'll post some more when I get the time. If you want to see pictures They are posted in the wildfire section of the picture portion on this site. My trac is also there, Its the black one.

Hope you enjoyed.

I've got about 120 miles on the wildfire as of now, and well over 800 on the trac, and 2000 on the tomos, so I haven't made up my mind on what bike I like the best. I'll let you know when I make up my mind.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

I find it hard to believe it's built better than a Tomos. My '08 Sprint is super high quality. It looks like a Jialing to me. I had a 50cc Jialing Passport copy, and had nothing but problems with it after the first 1000 lkms or so, it was very cheaply made. I did make it to over 12,000 klms before the transmission blew up, but I blame that on the fact that it was a 4 speed without a clutch, and shifting a manual transmission without a clutch is going to be hard on it. I threw away that fully enclosed chain guard shortly after buying it, it rattled like crazy. So where did you get it at, and how much did it cost. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Tighten up your engine mounting bolts to see if that helps quiet down the vibration.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

jealous of the 4 speed. That would have to be my one problem with mopeds, I can't stand automatic transmissions. The only remote advantage they offer is making it easier for morons to drive it. guhhhhh automatics now I'm bitter.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

this is going to come out really assholeish but someone has to say it.

why do you think we care at all about the "wildfire noped"? not only is a scooter, but its an ugly ass POS scooter.

it would be like if i went to a muscle car forum and made a post comparing a 67 camaro to my brand new mitsubishi eclipse. oh guys let me tell you how awesome my power locks, air conditioning and gps navigation are........

honestly no one cares and we all take it really personally when people even hint that scotters are better than mopeds. like flamefest shit storm city.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

p.s. i have an "ugly POS scooter" too. a sachs madass with an upgraded 138cc 4 speed motor. i also have a trail blazer SUV, and a skateboard and roller shoes.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

That reminds me, all 3 engine mount bolts eventually broke on my Jialing, and also elongated the holes in the frame. The bolts were way to weak, and to small in diameter. I found one of these on eBay. It costs the same as a new Tomos ST. I think I'll pass. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Its not a Jialing, but similar. the company is Chongqing Kaier.

They are a partner company to kawasaki like jialing is to honda.

I paid $650 for the bike. It came with a 90day bumper to bumper warranty, plus a 2 year engine/trans warranty.

The company is called ... Wildfire... and they have a full set of parts for it. I know, as I've already ordered some spare parts.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

I'll give it a try this weekend. I'm planning on taking it on a 50 mile or so break-in drive. so I'll check the engine mounts before and after.


Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

There is no fucking way this is a "Scooter"

It has 17 inch rims. Scooters have what 10? I don't give a crap if you want to run out and buy one of these. I posted it for people that may be interested in one of these.

I also have to say, what moped, scooter or Noped looks good? I mean they all look stupid when you get right down to it. Maybe one is a little less ugly then another, but come on.

If you don't like it, good for you. Maybe a few people on this site want to upgrade to a maybeped.

Its a review, get over it.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

George Smith /

yeah...They sell that same scooter as a moped with pedals too...but the moped version is a 1 speed or 2 speed automatic...I forget which...I dunno chinese stuff has issues...

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

wrong my mopeds are fucking hot. We arnt moped enthusists here we are moped addicts.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

So, how is this thing holding up? Was it worth the money?

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

lol, i am just a 2 stroke junky. I thumb my nose at 4 strokes. If you want to own one more power to you. I own a 4 stroke... my blazer, and i want to sell it so i can buy more 2 strokes. But hey more power 2 you and 2 each his own.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

I think you should have tried the 49cc 4 stroke and compare haha....I do enjoy fourstrokes, but you lose a lot... I just think a 49cc 4 stroke would be a complete DOG, that and have a low top speed. Smart thinking going with the 110.. you need ATLEAST that. And BALLS for trying out a wildfire. I was browsing and stumbled upon those... and they scare me lol... let us know how shes running and if its consistant.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

this should be in the ot forum. this has nothing to do with mopeds, other than the fact that the dude says he has a couple.

ps, some scooters come with 16 and 17" wheels.

this isn't even a maybeped or whatever you called it, as it has no pedals, has a 4 speed tranny, and has way too many ccccccc's

sorry dude.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

---------------- LaZer ------------* /

Does that include the Honda Passport?

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

that thing is more of a moped than an MB5 or a madass at least it actually looks like a moped

i like the loncin one its axactly the same at this one but its 49cc 2 speed automatic and has pedals but there aint none for sale anywhere

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

so where the hell do you get these for $650?

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

i had a pagsta too, loved that thing except for when i needed tires/tubes. it was 49cc/4speed, big rims etc, so it was a scooter in a sence. yeah, i could hit 50 on it when the times were right, but i could also wheelie without any effort and pull out into traffic.

BUT, i have yet to say any of this because this is a moped forum, and even with the size of the engine being 49, it still was a 4 speed.

peds are great because theyre peds. i have a suzuki m/c that i belong to the gz250 forum for, this is a scooter and belongs on a forum as such. there is no way to compare, kinda like the kid that took a ttlx and put a 110 lifan on it, still a moped frame, but not moped anymore.

you posting a review like that on here is like posting a beastiallity vid on a christian forum.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

not really

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

The speedo goes to 120?! thats wishful thinking.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

i saw a guy at wawa the other day with one. I came up to talk to him because it looked like a maxi from 100 feet. but when i got closer i realized i was in trouble.(my eyes are bad) the guy started talking to me and wouldn't shut the hell up. told him a little but about my maxi and he called it a poosh scooter. then i said, "good day" and walked away. it looked cheap, sounded cheap, and looked pretty slow when he took off.

I dunno, I'd rather buy an old honda motorcycle if i was gonna get a 4 stroke manual trans. In some states it isn't legally a moped without an automatic trans. so to me this conversation is superfluous.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Wow, I was surprised to see this post had floated back up to the surface. after what 6 months??

The Wildfire has held up just fine. It has a little over 1800 miles on it as of today, and that will change today as its going to be 70 here in NC !!!

The Main issue with this bike is vibrations. The engine is not as smooth as a tomos or my old trac. As a result If the nuts and bolts are not tight enough or don't have loc-tight on them they will lossen over long rides. It was a pain in the beginning, but I went over the bike top to bottom one cold day and removed, loc-tighted everything and the issue has stopped.

The bike is fully broken in, and it still tops out on flat road at between 48 and 53 mph. (I am currently 210lbs)

The innertubes that came with the bike were cheap-o-, so I replaced them both.

The complaints I have?

The gas tank is only like .8 gallons and the bike gets maybe 75 to 85 mpg, so its easy to run out of gas.

The Headlight is way to weak even on highbeam to be safe at 50mph at night. Its a Moped light that goes far enough to be ok at 30 or so, but if you go to fast your asking for trouble.

The original china battery SUCKED! I couln't figure out why the bike started so slow, and why the battery was going dead so often. I thought the bike had a draw, or the starter was defective. WRONG! I put a new Walmart battery in and its been fine even this winter.

I guess thats about it.

Its No Moped, but it is a fun little Noped to play with. I used to drive bigger bikes, but crashed real bad about 12 years back, and can't bring myself to ride that way again. So for me a slightly larger then a moped bike like this is perfect.

I no there was and is some issues with it not being a true moped, but I thought it fit this site just as good as a MB5, Hobbit, Madass, Jailing model M, And other small Nopeds/bikes Thats why I brought it up back last summer.

I would recommend this bike to anyone. Its been much more reliable then I would have thought a Chinese POS "Scooter" would have been, and Wildfire has been easier to deal with for spare parts and support then I was led to belive would be possible.

I think you can still get these for $650 or so if you call them direct and ask. The advertised price is there so resellers have wiggle room.

I guess thats about it.

If you have any other questions, go ahead and ask. I lurk here all the time!

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Call wildfire direct and ask. They advertise $999.00 or whatever, but there is a LOT of slack in that price. I called last year and said I had seen it on ebay for $650 or so, and thats what they sold it to me for.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Myke w/ a Y (IRE) /

If we're going to be technical, the Wildfire is a MOTORCYCLE, not a scooter or noped. Just the fact that it shifts at the foot should tell you that. All manual scooters shift at the left hand grip. Plus, the Wildfire engien is frame mounted, not on the swingarm, and it has no legshield or floorboards.

This goes for MadAsses and Passports too. They are all classified as "underbone motorcycles" or "step-through motorcycles"

Some scooters have 16" wheels, but none have 17"

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Pete Daddeo *YouTube: Moped Problems* /

Thanks for this review! I found it helpful.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Yeah, thanks for the review. I donno why some of the responses are so hostile, I get that its not a true moped, but its a fun little two wheeler it sounds like. I agreee with the guys about 4 strokes being for the birds. Why wont some company just go ahead and make something like this with like a 49cc two stroke 3speed semi auto? Seriously, get to it china! At 650 dollars though, you gotta think it might be worth it just to dick around with.

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

Any updates on the 110?

Re: Wildfire Noped VS. Tomos TTLX ride report

I just put down a deposit on a Wildfire WF110-M1 but the guys says it has no title (and claims it's easy to obtain in Iowa). Just wondering if this 'ped is worth the investment. He's asking for $400. Any thoughts are welcome - thanks!

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