What is Cantilever Suspension?

Nicolas Anbeek /

Does anybody know? I've got it for my rear suspension on my 1984 Vespa Si, so there are no rear telescopic shocks...

Does anybody know how this works? Is there a liquid I need to check levels on?


Re: What is Cantilever Suspension?

Its an architectural or engineering term that means "unsupported'... like 'overhanging'.

It just means your shock is hidden farther up inside the machine ... nothing special to check or maintain.

Re: What is Cantilever Suspension?

I see... thanks for the info. The guy I bought it from said that there was a liquid to check... glad to know I don't have to bother :)

Re: What is Cantilever Suspension?

Dude, there is liquid to check....In your rear wheel hub. the bolt is right by the engine disengage button. you fill it up with 80W gear oil... How much did you pay for your Si?

Re: What is Cantilever Suspension?

A cantilever shock on a SI is probably a high performance application, which means it's most likely a liquid dampened shock absorber (rather than just a spring like on most mopeds). I know the front shocks on a SI are oil dampened. You should try to get ahold of a users manual (think I might have seen one on ebay ???) Unless the shocks show evidence of leaking, I wouldn't worry about it.

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