Are mopeds bad for the environment?

So I have just read an article that motorcycles cause 10X more pollution than an SUV. So the question is are mopeds bad for the environment? There is obviously a trade off between gas efficiency and single stroke efficiency/exhaust products. So the question is are there any numbers on this or knowledge known?


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The two stroke mopeds are bad for the environment, just because they dont have a cad converter like cars. But when they say a moped is 10 times worse then an suv, they are comparing that to gas. So thats saying if you go use 10 gallons in a suv you go about 150-200 miles. If you use ten 10 gallons in a moped, you can get 800-1000+ miles. So really it is not much worse than a car.

If you have a 4 stroke moped, then it would not be any worse, in fact probably lots better than an suv.

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FIgures always lie and liars always figure

Re: Are mopeds bad for the environment?

There's so many variables involved that it's impossible to generalize when it comes to motorcycles...which one?

However a normal running two stroke most certainly releases more pollutants than a 4 stroke.

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I have been really looking to find though, if per mile they emit more bad emissions than cars, yet this is unclear. THe only thing I have found is this from the WHO

I guess the question is: If I were thinking of what to use a my main form of transportation when we move (besides bike and foot) , is it better for the environment in regards to me and my personal contribution to buy a car or a moped?

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I don't think there are any numbers, or at least not official ones. (Disclaimer: there are no official numbers that I have ever seen and understood that were applicable). We could do a little number plugging with what we can find, but the problem with environmental problems is that there are so many variables (many of which are hard to place a numerical value on) that it's difficult to come up with a good estimate.

What did the article say, exactly? That per mile driven motorcycles (2-stroke, I'm assuming) produce more emissions than an SUV? I know there are some people on here who will know what those harmful emissions are, and they might even know numbers or percentages that each environmental offender (motorcycle and SUV) emits. I'm guessing that this is what the article you read was talking about, but I'd be very interested in seeing the article if you can link it or quote from it.

However, you also have to take into account that mopeds use less fuel (less pollution and impact on the environment from when it's pumped from the ground to when it's pumped to your vehicle) and that, at least for vintage mopeds or motorcycles, we are essentially reusing something that many people would throw away.

There are essentially two ways that people here use mopeds -- either as legitimate transportation, or as a hobby. Most people probably use it as both.

If you're using a vintage moped for transportation, you're reducing gas usage and you're reusing something that would otherwise be taking up space in a landfill. So those people don't count.

If you're using a new moped for transportation, you're riding something that complies with EPA standards, so you shouldn't be producing that much pollution. So those people don't count either.

If you're using a moped for a hobby, well, everyone is allowed to have hobbies, and all the hippy tree-hugger environmentalists need to bugger off. So those people don't count either.

Then again, I'm biased, so I don't know how much my opinion is worth.

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If you really want to read those, I recommend flat view.

Re: Are mopeds bad for the environment?

Yeah you have to take into account that mopeds get 100mpg while cars maybe get 20-30 so you pollute more in a car by using more gas to get to a destination while in the short run the car may be more efficient the moped wins. Plus mopeds are more fun to drive. I don't want to get into exact figures right now but that is a basic argument.

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My hope here was really to see if anyone knew actual numbers. I think the article I found was on DIGG, and it its most likely exaggerated (I saw no good stats). But thats what Im looking for with these posts. I thought what better place to ask then a moped gang full of smarties.

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I personally think wars over gas are bad for the environment.

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Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I know they do horrible things to the ground water... I've also heard horror stories about places with lots of 2stroke vehicles (india?). Hell, just look at what happens at a rally, when the whole pack gets stuck at idle for more than a few min..

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I don't know a lot of the specifics, but when I started riding i noticed a change in the color of my boogers and earwax, I'm assuming it's probably a lot worse for the person _on_the moped than it is for the earth.

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I'd just like to point out the one thing most folks ignore in this argument.

You replace your car or SUV's fluids ... how often? You go through tires that are virtually useless after they're done how often. You replace the whole damned thing how often?

Yout not only need to think about the amount of emissions directly from the tail pipe but what else goes into it.

lets comepare this to say, my friends SUV, i'll be really nice and say he gets 20MPG

the GVW of his SUV is 4000lb, my ped, 180. If he bought an SUV in 1980, he'd proabbly have replaced it at least 5 times by now. so that's 20000lbs of potential waste, not including recyclable parts. He's gone through 10 sets of 4 tires, 100 oil and fluid changes, not to mention the volume of water used to maintain it, the coolant, refrigerant, and oil he's leaked.

he uses at least a volume of gas 4 times greater then the ped, and while his SUV may emit less, we need to transport that 4 fold volume around the world in very polluting oil tankers and semi trucks, not to mention the energy that goes into refining it.

the raw resources and energy amounts to pollution, it isn't a simple emissions question.

it's sorta like the whole nuclear power is clean energy as long as you forget about the waste which will kill you and every living thing for the next 250,000 years.

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Orgasmic Farmer /

Jimmy Hendrix asked, "You can't believe everything you see and hear, can you?" Apply that to the article you read. SUV vis moped - moped wins a million to one in every eay except maybe horsepower ratio vis emission .. but if you scale that suv down to 1.9 hp it won't even run .. and then factor in the environmental harm of building suv vs moped, mining and manufacturing the materials they are made of, degredation of the highways, etc. That article is not even pure horse manure because manure is useful. Most of a moped's unburned oil in the exhaust condenses in the crankcase, and that's far less than a day's drippings from most suvs. Etc.

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I read the same article, it was mostly outdated crap IMO. Most modern motorcycles have fuel injection and Catalytic exhausts. Mopeds on the other hand aren't particularly clean burning, but overall I don't think they're too bad.

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Way to Xpost April!!!

Call me!

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Personally, considering what China and India have done to the environment in the last 20 years of development, I don't care. I also hear operating a human body is bad for environment, polluting ground-water, driving out indigenous populations, ruining pristine grassland with crops, etc. If we really cared about the environment, we'd all stop pro-creating.

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The problem with much of the info and articles around are that most of them are a matter of finger pointing and people trying look green but are actually just being hypocritical. If you look closely they tend to "overlook" important statistics and bend them as they see fit.

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on yahoo a few months ago there was an article talking about how bicycles were bad for the environment. Stating that the amount of pollution that went into the energy required to power it was far greater then that of your typical SUV.

so there you go, ride your bike to work ... burn in hell ... i mean burn in global warming

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ENOUGH ALREADY!!! WHO CARES!!?? ride your moped or don't ride your moped. It makes not one damn bit of difference to the environment. I can see the headlines now, "EARTH'S ENVIRONMENT DESTROYED BY MOPEDS!!!!". Not gonna happen folks. Peace. And please stop this insanity. Jerry.

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