my new puke

this lady dropped this off and a motomarina to be fixed

then she ended up giving me this puch for fixing the moto marina

athena 70cc reed valve kit

high compression head

17mm amal carb

bullet exhaust

but it needs a crank and rings

i want to fix it looks like it would be fun i never rode a kitted bike before

Re: my new puke

Re: my new puke

thats pretty sweet looking

Re: my new puke

Damn thats a hot looking bike.

I LOVE the sears freespirit, really love the back rack and the tank look, and really love silver. thats a fantastic bike.

crank shouldnt be to hard to come by. have rings for that kit? id call

nice score man

Re: my new puke

yeah i might as well get the good crank

il call mopedshop see if they have them none of their website

Re: my new puke


Re: my new puke

Nice score Jay! That's probably my favorite Puch you got there!

Re: my new puke

well the lady sent her son here to pick up the minarelli today i started it right up for him so he took it home

maybe 2 hours later she calls me she doesnt know how to get it started so i rode my benelli down to wenham and kicked it once and it started right up

she thought you were supposed to hold the start lever in all the time so the minute it started it just died so now she is happy

she said her son is going to buy her a new tomos sprint for her birthday in a couple months so she asked me if i wanted the motomarina for free she said she rather give it to me than sell it to someone else

man its great making new friends

Re: my new puke

thats so awesome man. i wish i could get finds like that.

Re: my new puke

well i usually dont find them i usually end up with the biggest pieces of shit

like this the ped i been riding now

that i was very surprized it made it the 10 miles to wenham and back and it sounds like someones shaking a can full of nuts and bolts

Re: my new puke

Love yer collection, especially the Indian.

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