ever wonder why?

have you ever wondered why people point and laugh at people on mopeds?

Re: ever wonder why?

because there insecure with there own problems...lol

(real reason)--because they have nuttin better to do.

Re: ever wonder why?

true... true..

have you ever wondered why little punks try to steal your moped in broad daylight... i know why... beacouse they have nuttin better to do...

Re: ever wonder why?


Re: ever wonder why?

Mope Head /

Maybe it's not the moped. :o)

Re: ever wonder why?

people think of mopeds as toys......kids think, since it's a toy, that they should steal it and ride around. ever watched a kid try to start a moped, who is trying to steal it?

Re: ever wonder why?


bad monkeys

> have you ever wondered why people point and laugh at people

> on mopeds?

Their ignorant little redneck brains can't comprehend that someone could even think about riding such a thing on "their" road. But unable to express themselves the revert to their natural instinct of pointing.

After all, monkey's point.

Re: ever wonder why?

That is very true

Re: ever wonder why?

Just be glad the don't revert even futher and crap in their hand and throw it. I live in a county that every thing west of the Intercoastal Waterway, they think 'Deliverance' was a DOCUMENTARY. Not too far from chimps themselves. Same sloped forhead, same body hair, same walk... just can't express themselves quite as well as chimps do...

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