Interesting Moped Accessories

Ive been all over the internet and around my town looking and investigating. I occasionally find an interestingobject here and there but nothing really Usable for my moped, I dont mean like shocks and transmission, engine and stuff like that. I mean extreme yet unnecesary appliances and acessories. I'm talking Mad Max Road Warrior style.

I've foundya know, stuff like covers and saddlebags windshields and things of that sort but i'm looking more for things like:

Moped CB Radio

Am/Fm Radio


Maybe a Moped Cd player?

MP3/Ipod PLayer?

Cheap antitheft system

Siren/Loudspeaker (For A moped)

Uhhhh, Maybe even an anti petrol theft device?

I know there is so much more that I can't think of at the moment, but if you think of a good accessory and know where to get it or even if you know where to find any of the above please notify... It will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

what about a cool rack so you can show off your beanie baby collection? That would be neat!

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

Im not sure if they make 6 volt CB radios. If they do, it would probably be a big old tube driven radio. Would be cool to have on the back of a ped, though.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

You'll have to fabricate most of the stuff on that list. I tried the CD player...but the output is too quiet over the'll have to splice and use a A/C D/C converter.....

Kuro Neko Neko

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

CD players, MP3 players, radios and spotlights are hardly "Mad Max Road Warrior style. And what you're driving isn't a moped, it's a scooter. I'm sure there are more of these accessories available for scooters, but here is not the place to ask about them.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

Anti petrol theft device? Like a locking gas cap, perhaps? Not that that would stop a smart thief if they could figure out where the gas comes OUT of the tank, but it's a start.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

Well, you sure are a negative nancy.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

It was a joke.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories


Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

are all mopeds 6 volt?

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

That would not be neat at all... But it's a start.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

Oh yeah and what I am driving is a moped, actually in legal terms it is considered a Motorcycle... I don't know where you get the idea that I am on a 2 wheeled push-motion mechanism. I never seen a scooter that got 70 mpg and went 70 mph.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

read your indiana state law, broseph. The cops and just about everyone else might calls you moped, but you _ain't_ a moped. To be a moped in indiana you need working pedal drive, and you must have design speed under 25 mph. Even if you were from one of those kooky states that uses moped/scooter interchangeably, you still won't get any love around here arguing that your "Scooty Puff Jr." _is_ a moped.

Re: Interesting Moped Accessories

well said Nate but you may want to check the facts on that pedal drive thing.

Hey Chris that is a scooter, it probably is 12v.

"I don’t know where you get the idea that I am on a 2 wheeled push-motion mechanism"

If in this statement you are trying to insinuate that bike with pedals are inferior then this is not the place for such views.

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