How many can you fit?

Im picking up a Maxi and going to try to fit it in my Civic. I imagine I will be taking off the pedals, handle bars, front wheel? Has anybody done this before? Ive heard some tales of people fitting a lot of bikes in small cars/trucks. Im curious to hear your stories of fitting mopeds in your vehicle/confined spaces.

i put a hobbit in my civic hatch

drained gas, took wheels off


bike ran perfectly before...putting on its side in my car must have stirred up all the rust in the tank...i NEVER got it to run right again after that

kreemed the tank, cleaned the carb, all that..

Re: How many can you fit?

I also have a civic (mine is a 1999). I have used it to transport a westlake , and another time a sachs prima. Both times all I had to do was loosen the handle bars and put the seat backs down in my car. not to bad.

Re: How many can you fit?

I too have a civic. Man we are cool. I have a 2000 Civic Coupe!.. Thats right only 2 Doors. And I have transported a Puch Maxi in it.

Just put the handelbars down, and fold the passenger seat foreword, and it will fit.

Re: How many can you fit?

I've fit a magnum in:

once i put the back seat down. I've fit a maxi and a maxi frame. Once you remove the pedals and wheels, its not so bad, you just have to have some patience.

Re: How many can you fit?

we got a magnum into a 1994 mazda protege and went to Rob Ks and on the way back we had a 1980 carabela in it

Re: How many can you fit?

Dude, I have one of those two door ford focuses...or foci...or whatever (the ones with the bubble butt)

When I got my Hobbit, my mom was trying to discourage me from getting a moped and told me I could only get it if I could fit it into the car.

Fit like a very snug glove. (didn't remove any wheels or pedals or anything)

For a while when I would go to St. Louis fix it days, I would roll up in my focus with the hobbit in the back (it didn't run). It worked out.

When I bought it from the farmer guy, and he saw me fit it in there he said in a missourah accent "Well, hawt damn!!"

Re: How many can you fit?

Frostback Ditch /

I just bought a 75 Velosolex, extra parts and a few extra tires and managed to fit in into my 88 Chevy sprint. Took the tires off, loosened the handlebars and just managed to cram it in. I was tempted to drive in the carpool lane and if stopped, claim that my moped in the passenger seat my close buddy.

Re: How many can you fit?

Two. But I have a van, so I don't really think that's a fair contest. Those of you fitting one into a small car definitely have more impressive packing-moped-into-vehicle skills than I do.

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