Check out my new ride

This is Bean, my new ride. I picked it up for 125 dollars!!!!


Re: Check out my new ride

) Cupermcnewbster ( /


Re: Check out my new ride

Dang! shocks, pegs

That is a cool looking moped dude.

Re: Check out my new ride

$125!!!!! YOU STOLE THAT FUCKER!! Congrat nice score

Re: Check out my new ride

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Hah...Pinto Bean...nyuk nyuk nyuk...

Re: Check out my new ride

nice steal does it run?

Re: Check out my new ride

Sweet score Paul; like I told you, I think your sittin in a gold mine up in Wyoming. There probably a ton of nice bike to be had up there and no one but you looking for them.

Sadly no matter how many nice peds there are, it's still Wyoming:).

It looks like someone switched out the front wheel, those came with spokes stock. I've got one just like, just in a little better condition; it's getting lowered, hartailed and kitted this summer.

If you find you need any thing for let me know, I've got extra's of most of the Pinto parts.

Re: Check out my new ride

...i check spark....................okay

...i check compression..........okay

...i check mileage................okay

so i offer him $100 and he counters and says $125 and i say...........okay


The inside of the tank is shot, probably because its been sitting for like 10-15 years...

Currently it is filled with vinegar. Im going to let it sit for another day or so like that. I also bought a kit called Kreem. It gets rid of rust and is a metal etcher then it has a final coat to seal it from rust....once i finish the tank ill fire her up! This is just a picture i took right away, i still havent cleaned her up but its in pretty good shape....not like my moby but i think it has lot less miles than my moby.

Re: Check out my new ride

Lucky Bastard!! You're going to like it. The e 50 isn't as temperamental as the mobys' can be.

Re: Check out my new ride

I have a running yellow moby and NUMEROUS engine parts I might be willing to trade for the pinto if you are interested. You have my email from yesterday. Let me know what you think.

Re: Check out my new ride

unfotunately this is my new collector definately hangin onto this one...i think i want to get my hands on as many as i can, im not into the partin them out mobys in good shap too so i dont really need any parts for it...i just took a pic today, see attached

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