1979 Honda Pa-50-I parts (michigan)

J.frank T. /

looking for 1979 honda pa50-1 parts in michigan, im trying to get my ped back up to snuff appearance wise. i dropped it and smashed the plastic headlight housing. thank you.

Re: 1979 Honda Pa-50-I parts (michigan)

I'll check my local salvage next time I'm out. You really need to find a Pa50II variator to put on it. It won't make it a PA50II but about a PA50I-3/4

Re: 1979 Honda Pa-50-I parts (michigan)

Raymond Rexroad /

A PA50II variator won't work on a PA50I crank. See wiki section.

Secondly, this ain't the buy/sell forum.

Re: 1979 Honda Pa-50-I parts (michigan)

You can use a headlight from an Express. They are the same.

For parts call western Hills Honda in Cincinnati

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