Cleaning Crankshafts

Ok, maybe this should be in the ped repair im not sure. I just got a crankshaft out and its pretty rusty. If i just sit the sucker in a vat of muriatic acid for a half hour to an hour, is that unsafe for the crank? After i got it out id clean it thoroughly, and re-grease it.

Foolish, or acceptable?

Re: Cleaning Crankshafts

why did you open it?

Re: Cleaning Crankshafts

go to autozone and get evaporust its like $9 soak the crank in it until rust is all gone. stuff is amazing!

Re: Cleaning Crankshafts

Muriatic or coco's stuff but the bearings may be pitted a bit. None the less you may get some miles out of it

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