Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

I saw the post. And that got me to thinking that nobody has ever really posted a general consensus type thing of who is trustworthy and who isn't. I am not posting this as a "Let's bash so and so" because I didn't get my part 15 minutes after I ordered it type post, but as more as "who do you trust to order parts and stuff from", even though there might be negatives from some or a lot of people. Also, to see where else parts may be available.

I'll Start.

Steve's Moped;

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

although they are getting out of the moped biz. if anyone wants a good deal on a tomos arrow they should call them up.

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

1977 and affiliates (Warbux, Seattle Mopeds), Treats, Quarterkick, Handybikes, Mopedshop, Ike's Bikes, Mopedjunkyard.

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Sure do, for linking to WIKI. F- for you, no diploma. NEVER MIND. you kids are what is wrong with the intertubes.

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WHY? that was supposed to be part of it.

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Oh never farking mind, I'll never see my social security because of you lame slackers.

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Calm down. I was being facetious.

As far as I know, all of those dealers and shops are linked on the wiki because people have used them and trust them. It's a whole collection of shops, all there and pre-linkified, so all you have to do is click (no copy and paste). My bad for sharing something I thought would be relevant.

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1977 mopeds because their website is awesome (great pics and organization) and they stock the stuff like grips and cables that doesn't make you go fast but is still important.

Moped Warehouse because they stock some stuff that other places don't have (small Bing jets for Encarwi carbs, if I remember correctly).

Treats. I need say nothing more.

Moped Junkyard because they have all kinds of parts that other places don't have, and they have incredibly awesome helpful diagrams on their website and it's good to support that.

Ike's Bikes. He e-mailed me when he got a part I was looking for, and then two weeks later when I finally got around to responding to him, he e-mailed me right back and sent the part very quickly.

Plus all those other ones in the wiki that I already linked to.

If you didn't say why on yours, why do the rest of us have to?

I'll never see my social security either, if it makes you feel any better. Certain other generations are going to use it up before I see any of it.

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

John Joedicke /

Swifty thought you were in Georgia?

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

For Tomos parts, I go through They have a pretty nice website and ship fast. Also if you ask them, they can get you a ton of parts for other brands. They have a warehouse stacked floor to ceiling with old peds hanging everywhere.


Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc)

what a dumbass. Look it up yourself lazy old man

Re: Trusted Moped Dealers (parts,etc) has been good to me. Treats is the shit, too. never ordered from anywhere else.

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