Now is 1979

We are in the same situation we were in in 77, 78, 79. But now, scooters are the big thing not mopeds.

Re: Now is 1979

too bad all of the new scooters are gay

Re: Now is 1979

that's what they said in 79 about mopeds. Although the honda prototype with the full fairing over the entire bike is kinda cool.

Re: Now is 1979

thank god for this topic cause i had an amazing thought while riding home tonight:

30 years ago some 20 year old kid was riding home on this very moped, a little high, and laughing like a mother fucker.

mopeds kick ass.

Re: Now is 1979

sir, you are close to correct. I was on my 79

CIAO when I was a 15 year old kid.

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