A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Hey guys,

I am going to be picking up some tomos sprints next week (thanks, Ike!) and I have a few questions. First of all, as these do not have any turn signals, does anyone know of any good kits that will work for these? I am not afraid of a little wiring. The only ones I have found online were either way overpriced ($200 for a kit that didn't even include any kind of mounting brackets) or were way too small (ones made for bicycles).

Also, does anyone know if the early nineties models (1994, to be exact) are the same size as the new (2008) models? I am curious because I need to know the approximate dimensions for these (so I know what to bring to pick them up in). The dimensions for the newer ones are readily available, so that is why I'd like to know.

Also, if anyone has a luggage rack for the back of these for sale, please let me know!

Thanks a lot!

Bethany :)

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Turn signals can be put on a Sprint, but not easily and cheaply. You will need 4 signals (cyclegear.com), a flasher (Pep Boys), a switch, 3 position, center off (Pep Boys or Radio Shack), lots of wire, and you will need to fabricate brackets to mount the signals and switch. Not recommended unless you are good at improvising things. Peace. Jerry.

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

That doesnt sound that difficult. Will turn signals from another bike (perhaps the next level up Sprint) mount right up?

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints


You could get everything you need from an ST, but you would need to get a complete wiring harness, new controls with the switchs, luggage racks with turn signal mounts and some other parts that i can`t think of right now. This would be expensieve and a lot of work. I don`t know of a cheap easy way to do turn signals. If you could get lucky and find a good set of old cat eye signals, they would be the easiest. But finding a complete set that works is hard to do.

Wish i had a better answer.


Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

why didnt you buy a tomos model with turn signals?

im sorry if im misunderstanding, are these new? or vintage?

my new tomos has turn signals, and im pretty sure you can get all the parts you need including controls brackets what not from the spare parts manual from tomos usa.

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Hmmm I have some relatives with your last name in Indiana. My uncle Bill, who is passed away, and Dottie, my aunt.

Sorry I have no knowledge of Tomos. I am mainly into 50's Puch Allstates.


Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

BootyClap Ninja /

Nice picture of humping the horse......

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

So...easier and cheaper to buy an ST and disable the oil pump if you hate it (downgrade) than to buy a Sprint, and "upgrade". nearly 25,000 miles on 06, 07, 08 ST's with no oil pump failure. I think that the oil pump prob is overblown.

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

too bad this can't be edited. I am surprised that TOMOS doesn't do a GM and make all their bikes the same way, and just not add features to some. It would be cheaper to wire a Sprint the same as an ST and just not add the extras, unless there's some crazy Slovenian Union thang I don't know about. GM would wire both bikes the same, and then charge 4 times more for the "replacement parts" if you wanted to aftermarket.

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

The sprint is about 200.00 cheaper. And legal in most places. To me it's worth 200.00 for turn signals and oil pump.

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Haha, there's been quite a bit of discussion (to put it nicely) about that in the last few days. To some extent, I think you're right that it's overblown. You will always hear from people who have had them fail, but you're less likely to hear from every single person who has had them work. You also have to consider the audience here, though. We don't ride mopeds because we like having everything done for us. Many people here trust themselves to premix more than they trust the oil injector on the moped (Tomos brand, anyway). If you premix, you know it's done and you don't have to worry about it, and you can adjust accordingly for kits and such.

Oh, and Bethany, do not (I repeat, DO NOT) quote me on this, but I think the earlier models will be the same size as the newer models. There might be luggage rack differences, but I think they've been using pretty much the same body style for ages now. I've got a 1980, and it _looks_ like the same body style as the new ones, although I can't say because it's not like I've ever measured or anything. I don't know what you were planning on bringing to pick them up, but I can attest that two mopeds will easily fit in a van if you can arrange the seats properly. (See attached.) If you want to do a bit of disassembly, you could probably fit even more.


Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Why do you ride? I ride because it's under the radar, and cheaper than anything else. I miss my first bike, a 79 Vespa Ciao. (had to premix) That being said, you can start arguments between Tomos owners whether or not Pedals are needed. (die, NOPED!)

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

i have a couple rear racks, and maybe even some new tomos st turn signals i could send your way if you were into it. brand new, took them off a couple bikes i put on the floor. send me an email if you're interested. seattlemopeds@1977mopeds.com

Re: A few questions about some Tomos Sprints

Thanks for your replies. I am buying ones without turn signals because they are an excellent price from a reputable person. Plus he has two nearly identical ones that I can get at the same time, and I do not want to buy a new one. I do not care to pre-mix oil, and if the only feature they are lacking is turn signals that is not a big deal. I will check around and see what I can find from cycle shops in town, and I will let you all know for future reference.

Andy, that is a stone horse in the middle of a town, ya creeper. Give me a break haha

Dean, I will shoot an email your way

Deezy, I don't think I have any family up in Indiana. We are mostly here in KY and VA. :)

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