Yo Spokesman!

Is this you guys? I really want to come ride. Do you guys only do the friday rides? Let me know how you guys roll.

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Re: Yo Spokesman!

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Yeah, that was one of our first rides last year.

Mostly fridays, some garage days on sundays.

I haven't been there much lately, due to stupid shit. But I ride in Boulder when I have something working..

Re: Yo Spokesman!

yeah, zack cant seem to keep a running ped, even though he's 10 times more more moped savy than me, but i guess that doesnt mean much when you arnt a g like i am 24/7, but whateves

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Speaking of Friday rides, I won't be able to make this one.

I STILL need a new tube for my Pinto and I'm playing a show.

It's our first show back as a band.

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Hey zack I feel like im the only rider up here in Boulder. I ride pretty much everyday and need some peeps to ride with. If you need another hand to fix up a bike give me a call as well.


Re: Yo Spokesman!

kinda off topic but im going to be in denver from July 23 - july 29th. if you guys want to hang out and if you possibly have a loaner bike so i could ride with you that would be fantastic.

Re: Yo Spokesman!

crazy!!! I might be there that weekend too!!! Total Erin Denver Mini Rally!!!

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

To have a (well) running bike, I need:

The package from Chad Burke to arrive with my piston (should be this/next week, depending on UPS)

A pipe for a Minirelli motron (Could get from Chad, but might look for one nearby)

Like, a third moby to fix my existing two mobys...

I have no idea what the state of my Ciao project is, it might be able to be put together as a single speed, but.. it's scattered..

Peugeot needs me to stop being stupid and just fuck up the flywheel until it sticks.

And, probably easiest, I think I just need to rebuild the clutch/put in a new starter lever on the RatSpirit. It might have electrical issues too, but can't do much about those until I get the new starter thing.

I need to stop buying broken bikes... Or taking my solid runners and and putting them out of comission with fancy pants parts...

It's also been crazy since I got back. Got stupid sick, and now the owners are out of town, so it's 7:30-5(5:30 sometimes). By that point I'm just beat. A few nights I've gone and screwed with bikes.. I got one of the mobys running with a dellorto (using gurtners to throw at things seemed like a good idea at the time, I should have kept the top for one of them). Motron is running poorly without an exhaust. I really should dick with the peugeot... I think I'm just worried about the clutch, as it seems to not be together perfectly. When I tighten it down it locks up, so I think I forgot a shim somewhere.

Gah, so tired...

Re: Yo Spokesman!


Sorry man, Denver Misses you.

Just ask Willie for help on the Peugeot. I think he said you need a $150 crankshaft.

P.s, I have your keys and camera. I gave you your pants, right?


We totally would like to hang out. I think we can swing two bikes. Unfortunately we have a lot of projects in the works that we should have done this winter.

Re: Yo Spokesman!

We will destroy everything!!! especially that big bear and those dancing statues!

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Zack what kind of Piston?

I've got a spare mineralli header and some random pipes, i'm sure i could come up with something to get that motron on the road (that is if you figured out the bearings).

Sold my moby this weekend, sorry. What do you need for parts? I know a kid with a bunch of moby stuff.

What's up with the Rat? Let me know what you need there too, I've got some extra Puch clutches.

If there's a going to be a "Total Erin Denver Mini Rally" I'm sure Dawn and I could make it down, and if loners are need I can provide some, I've still got 6 solid runners.

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I actually need a $150 crankshaft, and a $200 CDI. Or I just go for marring it up with a chissel again and putting on some locktite. Shit worked once before...

JB Weld? Hell, I know what I have to do with it.

And yes, I've got my pants.

Re: Yo Spokesman!

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

It's a Morini M1 piston, I've got one on the way.

I haven't worked the bearings out, just have the rear wheel from the sebring on it while I was getting it going, so it's not something I'm going to worry on if I get the sebring running right quick.

Moby runs for the moment, it's slow, but I don't think it was a fast head on it in the first place (It's the cursed moby I got from Carl). It needs a new petcock, which i might have on the yellow one, Didn't get to pull it off yesterday.

I know the starter on the rat is fucked, as well as whatever little pin is on the end of the crankshaft. I've never screwed with the clutch, so I don't know if that thing breaking off means I need a new crank, or just new plates on the clutch.

Arguably, the rat needs to be rebuilt before I ride it. A lot of metal shavings and shit are in that tranny. But.. it is the rat, so I might just do what gets it going for now, and worry later.

I'll get it together, I just need to have life die down long enough that I feel like doing anything.

I'll pull the rat out tonight and see what's up with it, it's right here in the lot with me (inside the bus), so it should be mostly painless.

On a side note, that stupid CB350 wont die on me.. Fucking hondas...

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