Nashville Tn where you at?

General Jackson /

ok seriously. this is my second year trying to start a moped gang in nashville. everyone that joined last year has moved out of town :(

I just wanna find the people in nashville that ride or want to really badly. I'm gonna try to open a moped shop next summer for all you people that are drooling over my motobecane and my puchs.

I'm out of town till august, but when I get back I want to do this thing right. I know my topper boys are in so lets see who else we can find.

Holla if you hear me!!!

Re: Nashville Tn where you at?

former resident /

well that's cool....too bad i moved away like 4 years ago.

Re: Nashville Tn where you at?

mike and ashley /

are you back in town yet?

we want to get our mopeds running so bad.

we'd love to have people to ride with.

lets get something started.

Re: Nashville Tn where you at?


My husband and I and our motley crew of mopeds just moved here.

We're always looking for people with a similar mindset, and perhaps some mechanical prowess.

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