Poor little Moby!

My poor little moby is parked down at my local Smith's and its kinda stranded! I need some good advice. So I was riding it the other day and i just got it runnin pretty dang good. It was cruzin at like 35 on flats. Anyways i pull up to my bros house and park it. I go to leave and it wont start! We cleaned the plug like 20 times and finally viola it started. I drove to albertsons to get some sour cream for my wife and when i came out it wouldnt start again! Then i rolled it to my buddies house, went and bought a new spark plug and viola it started. Next day i go to checkers and bought like 4 spark plugs. And when i come out i put a new one in and...nuthin couldnt get it goin...I just got a new petcock in the mail today because the old one is broken. I think that has alot to do with the problem as it is very very flooded....anyways i need some advice on how to quickly dry out the cylinder so i can get this thing home...i dont want it to get stolen...

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Clean the carb, REALLY well. most old gurtner floats will leak and flood the cylinder, replace your petcock and check for proper flow.

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i'd vote carb, or condenser... seems like if you leave it enough time to cool down and it starts up...

Tho... Nick's argument is pretty convincing as well.. Get a dellorto :D

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BootyClap Ninja /

condensor bro.

Notorious Moby problem.

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okay..call me dumb....wuts a condensor? how do i fix it? where do i buy it? i can prolly figure it out if i knew what i was looking for

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§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

hey man, I have a repair manual for the Moby if you want to learn at least where stuff is, if not how to fix it. I got it from mopedshop.com when I used to have a Moby. email me your address and I'll send it out.


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Mike McScoutington /

You can get a new condenser from Quarterkick.com. They run about $15, but require a few "special" tools to get to and replace. Check the manual and that should give you a bit of info.

Re: Poor little Moby!

Casey you turd!

Re: Poor little Moby!

you can get a GP Sorensen DRC8 condenser for a chevy six cylinder and splice it in to the existing wiring for like 3 bucks. Search repair forum for NOVI nuts its a thread I started when I had a similar problem, its good reading too, it'll teach you all sorts of stuff you'll need to know abot diagnosing future motobeacne electrical problems

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Leon Swarmer /

to dry out the cylinder, pull out the spark plug turn the ptecock off and pedal around till your piston isn't pumping out gas mix anymore. Be careful of spark and mess.

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It sounds like the condenser. Its essentially a capacitor that keeps your points from burning up all the time. When they get old and then get hot, they don't hold a charge anymore and rob the power from your spark. This just gives you weak spark, not no spark. Once the bike cools down again, it works well enough to start. But shut the ped off hot and you are out of commission for an hour or so.

Its not too hard to replace. I don't think you need any special tools even.

To get the flywheel off, make sure you have your plug in. Use a ratchet in the square hole in the magneeto nut and hit the end of the ratchet with a hammer in the clockwise motion. *The nut is Reverse threaded* It helps to spin the flywheel till you feel the compression building before using the hammer.

99% of the time this works for me, otherwise I use my impact wrench or piston locking tool.

Once inside, you can replace the condenser and dress the points. The condenser can be either inside under the lighting coil or on the back of the stator. If its on the back, your job will be easy. If its not, you may have a hard time finding a condenser or have to do some drilling and tapping on the stator to fit the round can-style one.

Good luck!

e-mail me if you have any questions.


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