Scooter Rollers

Paul, insert witty name /

After my nasty gear box failure yesterday.

I got on the bike to take it to the workshop, and discovered everything to be OK again. On the way but, the thing stuck in what-would-be 5th. So I left it in for repairs.

On getting the bike back, it feels better, but appears to stuck in what-would-be 3rd on take off. Very low revs, very low power until about 10 Mph and then it goes better than it ever has.

Have the new rollers been fitted badly, or should I just wait for them to wear in?

(I'll post the pics later. I just sprayed the rusting exhaust with casing paint, so I'll re take them when it dries.)

Later dudes.


Re: Scooter Rollers

Paul, insert witty name /

I meant to add, that they gave me the old rollers, which were completely disintigrated. Completely destroyed. Some in two or more bits, and some with the sides completely flattened. Most didn't have their plastic rings intact.

Re: Scooter Rollers

chuck russo va /

well roller weights are supposed to change where your peak power is, it sounds liek u got top end roller weights installed cuz of your lack of low end and better after it hits 10 or so mph

Re: Scooter Rollers

I'm 220lbs they told me 7.5 gram rollers would make my bike jump off the start. I hope they're right.

Re: Scooter Rollers

I am only 10.5 stone.... (is that 168lb or 189lb)? Anyway. I bought my bike second hand, and happened to meet the previous owner on his brand new bike (still a 50cc). He called me far a race, by saying "It's a bit slow, that's why I sold it." Then he pelted off on the amber light.

I followed having let him get a couple of meters lead, and had to drop the throttle because I was about to ram into the back of him. (At the time I didn't have the confidence to over take him on a roundabout that was coming up and I was going to other way at the junction anyway). I then met a couple of his mates in the bar, and told them the story. They laughed and said. "No. He is a big bloke like."

I hope I meet him again soon. I'll overtake him and leave him for dust.

PS: Do you have roundabouts in USA? There are not very funny in the wet on a moded scooter. I never expected the thing to power slide the tail!


Re: Scooter Rollers

Who is the roundabout made by?

Re: Scooter Rollers

I hope you weren't being ....

A Roundabout is a circle of road, usually with two lanes, that connects multiple roads. Rather than pull up to a junction and fight your way through, everyone drives round in a circle and turns off where they want. It means that you only have to give way to folks coming from the right. (Left in Europe etc.) If you want to turn left, you just turn left, if you want to go straight on you stay in the outside lane, and if you want to turn right you use the inside lane. Works quite well. Except when arsehole car drivers think they can make three lanes out of two and box you in on your scooter / twist-and-goped.

I thought I heard USA didn't use roundabouts. Maybe they do. I mean they drive on the wrong side of the road as well. 8-) Tehe

>legs it<

Re: Roundabout

we call 'em "Rotarys"

Clark Griswold (european vacation) was stuck in a roundabout for like 8 hours...

"Look, Kids..Big Ben...Parliament....."

Re: Roundabout

We have them here, but only on certian streets, to slow down the traffic, and confuse the idiots. A lot of them have tire marks from people just running over them in their big o'l trucks.

Re: Scooter Rollers

Crisis wrote:


> Who is the roundabout made by?

<img src="">;

<img src="">;

<img src=""><img src="">;

hey Irish Paul .. there's already people named Paul here.. add something to your name .. (I am stupid and will get confused otherwise)

... and ... what bike are we talking about pray tell ?

Re: Scooter Rollers

As far as the USA having roundabouts ... we have none here around the Great Lakes... (in fact I have never in my life seen one except on TV) .. but I did just hear that they were gonna add some someplace nearby ... that ought to be wunnnnderfulllll ! ... seeing as how 50% of our drivers here are morons.

They won't have a clue as to what to do.

Re: Roundabout =Rotary?

is a roundabout the same as a rotary? we have a few in maine, at places where too many routes intersect at one place.... big circles, with a lot of on and off routes connecting to different parts of the circle... if you can't get the exit you need, you go around again.

As kids we used to ride around the rotary for a long time.....hoping to get pulled over. We always got too bored--- no one seemed concerned that we were wasting our time going in circles.

I hate them.... Fred's comment about not having any in his area made me wonder if I'm thinking of something different.

Re: Roundabout

TJ Miller /

i live in NJ, and it's full of highways. so every 10 minutes theres a new "circle" to play suicide in... and we all know how NJ drivers are 99% of them are morons, compared to the 50% in MI... we usually just drive across the middle. nobody seems to care :x

Re: Roundabout

Piaggio Paul /

Yep sounds like Rotary == Roundabout. We have Mini-Roundabouts as well, that are just a round lump of white road paint that you only need to use when the trafic is busy. Because you have to give way to the people already on the roundabout people turning right get a chance, and the traffic keeps moving. (That would of course be turning left in the states, or most other places.)

The excellent thing about the mini roundabouts, is that when there is no traffic you can hit the lump at 50 and fly!

Bike is a Piaggio Typhoon 50 (derestricted, techno-gas exhaust, high end rollers). I have a pic on my digital camera, but it only works in Windoze and I'm in Unix at the moment. I will upload the pic later tommorow.

If you happen to come across a Rotary, and your worried about missing your exit, remember one thing. Stay right in the middle of your lane, and don't let any moron drivers overtake you on it. Especially round the outside. It gets ugly when that happens. Even on a pedal bike. you'll piss the folks behind you off, but f**k them.

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