Moped Registration in CA


I need to register my moped in California (I'm in SF). It didn't come with plates, so I'm assuming it was never registered.

Do I just fill out the "Motorized Bicycle Application" section A & D, & send it with a $17 check?

I keep hearing stuff about a bill of sale, but cannot find anything about it on the DMV site. Do I need one to send with the application?

It all seems so vague on the DMV site. It doesn't even explain to who to make the check out too...



Re: Moped Registration in CA

Tom Rainwater /

google REG230 and that is all you need to know, plus fee is $18.

Moped Registration in CA

The DMV has completed two registrations one just recently with $17 enclosed on May 6. They returned the registration with a note on the title that the fee is $18. Even with the missing $1 they complete the transaction and sent the title and plates. Bills of sale were not needed. The last three mopeds I registered, two had never been registered in CA and one was registered over 10 years ago...They did not ask for any paperwork. If you suspect a problem with registration, call the DMV and they can run the VIN and see if it is clear. 800-777-0133 and go through the links for vehicle registration or the dial direct number is 916-657-8035 to speak to a registration specialist.

Just an FYI...

As of Friday June 6, the DMV has completed moped registration received as of May 9.

Re: Moped Registration in CA

Just make the check for $18.00 out to "DMV" They will cash it.

Re: Moped Registration in CA

i just registered my moped in CA and it cost me 170 bucks! they made me pay tax on my new tomos arrow. it took like an hour at the desk too cuase no one new what to do. I payed the 170 and went on my way. what do you guys think? did DMV fuck up?

Re: Moped Registration in CA

If it's new it's just like a car, you have to pay sales tax. New car sales usually roll the tax and license fees into the loan.

If it is used then someone already paid the sales tax on it so it doesn't need to be taxed a second time.

I'm curious that the dealer you got your ped from didn't charge you the tax at the time of sale.


Re: Moped Registration in CA

yea i paid tax at the dealer.

Re: Moped Registration in CA

you guys are crazy. buy your bike cash and send in a check for $18.00 like me. don't ever go into the dmv, they'll just pickpocket you.

Re: Moped Registration in CA

you messed up by going to dmv, 18 bucks and a reg 230 is all ypu need

Re: Moped Registration in CA

what do they send you back? A license plate?

Re: Moped Registration in CA

they send you a license plate and the "moped identification" aka the registration/pink slip.

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