My tomos is a piece of crap. help

I have still yet to fix my moped. My 2001 tomos sprint still has no power whatsoever. I cleaned the carb thoroughly, i cleaned the air filter, i rode it without the exhaust and it has even less power without it, i clean the piston head and cylinder head, as well as the exhaust port, the spark plug isn't fouling out, the oil ratio is right, and I replaced the atf fluid with exactly how much it says it requires. After all that, there is still no noticeable change.

It is completely pointless to ride it because it can't make it up any hill around here, and it doesn't go any faster than walking in the long run right now. I'm disgusted with this moped right now. I just recently bought it. I've only put 400 km on it and it's already quitting on me. What the hell should I do? please help!

Re: My tomos is a piece of crap. help

do you have a warranty?

how did you clean the carb? did you remove the jet and make sure its not fouled?

taking the exhaust off wont increase power, the bike needs back pressure.

Check Compression.

Reeperette /

Should still be under warranty tho, so take it back and bitch them out till they fix it.


Re: Check Compression.

i don't have it have it under warranty. I bought it off another kid and he didn't give me shit for paperwork. I know the exhaust being off won't make it faster, i was saying that to clarify the fact that the exhaust wasn't screwed up. the compressing seems solid. I tried the test that freds proposed and it worked good. I am really getting angry and I need some more help. Is there anything else?

Re: Check Compression.

just take it in to a place and pay them to fix it. what dos it do dos the motor bog down or just has no power.

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