Guys are Batavus bikes any good? I know almost nothing about these things and the only thing I can compare it to is my Ciao which had a 75cc cylinder kit on it.

I'm looking for basic, reliable transportation.



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What kind of batavus? They are definitely basic and reliable but parts are hard to find.

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how hard is hard to find? I have no idea what this thing needs - I assume everything... Are there things like cyl kits, exhausts, carburetors, etc. for them or would I be better off looking for something different?

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Bats are decent reliable peds, plus they look great.

My HS-50 is restricted in top speed and overall performance by the Laura M48 it came with. It is a bit rough riding doubles, but runs well enough with just me on it after some up-jetting and a Biturbo.

It's a great bike, after I get my E50 running I'm going to try and throw it on to make it better.

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How about parts? Are parts available through retail channels in the US or even more specific in New England (Boston, RI area)?

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you can come ride mine sometime. they tend to be bad on low end, but i get mine up to 36/37 with a custom welded exhaust.

performance parts do exist, particularly from motion left mopeds, but theyre not as easy to come by as puch parts.

i like them because theyre s super simple.

i dont suppose youre about to buy A YELLOW STARFLITE FROM SOME GUY IN NATICK???

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you can get parts from i get them all the time. generally, moped parts arent super available in any retail stores.

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No its not your stolen ones...

If it makes you feel any better I just got two of my Vespas stolen and this will be a replacement to those which were perfect...

I'm looking at a cheap non-running Bavatus that I'd fix up like I did my Ciao because I can't afford a really nice ped since I just got engaged...

Anyway since I'm in the market I'll keep an eye out for mine... but please keep an eye out for a green Ciao and a powder blue Vespa 150cc Sprint

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Bats are slow, but not as slow as people joke. If you know how to make a ped go faster without kitting, you'll be fine. You'll probably want to put some better foam in the seat if you plan on riding it very far though.

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I have a 9 mile commute to work... 90% of it is in stop & go so I assume (assuming I don't get hit by a truck) that i'll get there faster than in my car - but the next 10% is on a main road where the speed limit is 35mph and cars drive 45ish.

I'll kit it if I need to - as long as I can get it up to about 35-40mph... I would rather keep it stock but if I have to I'll kit it, run larger tires, different gears...

Is it going to be faster than the Vespa Ciao I had?

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"Is it going to be faster than the Vespa Ciao I had?"


You can make a Ciao run rings around a Batavus. With that said your Bat will be much more reliable then that same Ciao. If the one you're thinking about buying isn't 90% complete...walk away unless it's dirt cheap. If you buy one get the M48 or the Peugeot powered model.

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What is dirt cheap? Under $300??? or under $50

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There's no kits available for Batavuses, unless you count mythical Puchtavuses.

the m56 engine is "better" but waaay rarer, so forget about it if this is going to be your ride to work. Most Bats have the M48, and there are three diff mph versions of those bikes. If you find one with the bigger exhaust and the red clutch, you can achieve a lil' better than 30mph stock, with room for milling/porting/clutch-bearing-removal-trick/overinflated-tires.

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Incomplete for dirt cheap meaning less than $200... Thankfully Bats don't bring Puch money so a cared for example shouldn't be more than 4 or 5 hundred tops.

Give me insight into the M56 quatto...what makes you say "better"? Common opinion seems to be the opposite.

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m56 is to m48 as Atari 7800 is to 2600...

2600 games are shit, but them shits is still everywhere.

the m56 was the next-gen Laura Motoren, but it never took off, so in present-day moped terms, it's worse because it's more obscure, and therefore more often left in a state of disrepair.

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i dont know that i believe in this mythical red clutch/yellow clutch dichotomy. i own both, and they appear totally identical.

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they are the same ones just yellow

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i'd believe it Jay. I own a red clutch but there's only one diagram, which leads me to believe you're right. it might have been related to the fact that red and yellow are the two most common colors for batavuses. Furthermore, the red clutch is still a real slowpoke.

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ive actually tried both clutch colors on my bike, and noticed now difference.

of course, i am having dreadful clutch problems, so take that with a grain of salt.

in general, i think i got lucky with my batavus. i like it because, as much as i like riding it, i like working on it too, and they are super easy to tinker with.

i got the larger header and welded on a $60 tecno boss pipe. when my rear bearings arent shattering due to problems wholly unrelated to the design of the bike, i can go really fast. i hit a sustained 38 on columbus ave here in boston yesterday and was totally keeping up/passing traffic before my speedo went insane.

but yeah, low end can be an issue.

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Funny comparison...considering your ripe old age of 4 when the 7800 came out. Since you pointed out the relative rarity of the M56 that in itself makes the M48 a better choice. My spin goes a little more like this. The Atari 2600 vs the 5200. Intended to be an evolution but in actuality ended up as an over-complicated and unliked mistake quickly abandoned by the public and it's designer and replaced with a Peugeot.

Even funnier is the fact that the Atari 7800 wasn't even designed by Atari itself...hence the Peugeot :P

Here's a groovy link for M48 head alteration...

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how embarrassing, bukwheat. I meant to compare the m56 to the 5200, i was going for the same take. Both Atari and Batavus tried to improve Excellent comparison though with the Peugeot.

If there's one thing i can geek out about more than mopeds, it's classic video games.

...and old tv shows.

...and bad sci fi movies.

... and statistical marketing.

okay so if there are four or five things I can geek out about more than mopeds, I have a short list I might compile upon request.

anyway, Tom, get a Batavus. They ain't fast, but they're classy. And with the ever-increasing number of "WTB - VINTAGE LOOKING MOPED SCOOTER" posts on Craigslist, you got nothing to lose if you decide it's not for you.

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Long live the Dutch!

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man what were they thinking? That's one hell of a bad logo.

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