Manual and Advice?

Nate Findley /

Hi, Today I purchased a 1984 QT50. It has been sitting for a long time and I am spending the upcoming weeks or so fixing it up. I have little experience working with engines and would love a copy of the manual if anybody has it in digital form, would that be possible? Also. Does anybody have any good maintenance links or info for me for lovely QT50's?


Re: Manual and Advice?

Damien Weaver /

I got my Garelli's manual at was a few years older than my moped (from 1978, my moped is '84) but still has been a good resource. Their site also has some free wiring diagrams you might find useful. The guy I corresponded with there, Joe, was friendly seeing as I am a helpless mechanical wanna-be. The prices on parts aren't as low as I'd like them to be, but oh well. Hope this helps.

There are also some good links to moped repair, etc. here on the mopedarmy site... I recommend checking them out.

Best of luck from one beginner to another...

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