Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

Hi everyone, have not posted for a while because I've been so busy. Two days ago my 1970 Vespa Ciao and my 1971 Vespa Sprint (scoot) were stolen. I got these bikes for virtually nothing and all but completely restored them back to brand new condition by myself.

Now that I need to replace them I'm looking for some help. My fiance loved the Ciao (she thought it was a little slow) but thought the 150cc scoot was too much. Is there a better brand or model that I should look for - something that goes 40mph safely and consistently?

I know this isn't a scoot board but can someone point me in the right direction to possibly find another scoot? Fuel prices have driven these things through the roof and I'd really like to get something affordable.


Tom Winston

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

Man, looks like Massachusetts has been hit with a rash of stolen rides as of late! The hell are they all going??? First Cambridge, then Natick, now you! Well, if you're going the scoot route and want to go semi-new, I'd suggest a Yamaha Vino or Honda Metro...a Ruckus is great too but expensive. The trouble with all of these are that availability is in the tank at the moment - you're going to have to get lucky with Craig's List or The Want Ad to get anywhere. And even then, you have to be careful since there's a lot of Chinese knock-off crap floating around. What's your budget like? Can you drive to pick up? If the answers to those questions are $1K each and 'of course!' I'd suggest going down to RI to JavaSpeed Scooters - far trek, but they have some really nice and reasonably priced Kymkos and Malagutis. Also, you may want to try a more local route like Greater Boston Motorsports right down Mass Ave in Arlington. I don't personally like their staff there (a little short with people), but they do have a Tomos Streetmate R and Targa in the window...Not sure on the price, but they were there a few weeks ago.

Hope that helps! And ask the kids around Main Street - throw up a $100 reward no questions! You'd be surprised how quickly information gets turned around to help you find your bikes. Don't give up!

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

RI is not too far to go - I grew up near Providence and go down there almost every weekend.

I bought my Ciao and Sprint for almost nothing and wrenched them back to life. I'd rather buy a running beater and get it back running well than to spend $1,000 on something that may need work - but yes I will drive, yes budget is around $1,000, etc.

I'm thinking that I'd rather spend a little $$$ and get something that's a 2-seater that will go 45-50mph but that will most probably be in the 150cc scoot range.

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

You need to find that Sprint! A Honda Metropolitan I will get up to 40 but they are very hard to find as they have been supplanted by the metropolitan II which is the 25mph version. So keep your eyes open for the I and skip the 2. Or better yet, track down that sprint and put a restricted carb on it.

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

I'd bet they are gone and will show up somewhere in Ohio or something. I tore them both down to the bare frame, de-greased, fixed any rust, repainted and built them both back up. I had parts re-chromed, used all new bolts and fasteners, etc... they were in like-new condition.

They may show up but I have no idea where to look or how to go about getting them back.

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

I would hope that you made a police report with VIN and engine numbers, etc.

Can you give us the story about how they were stolen so we can learn how to park ours? Inside, outside, locked up, garaged?

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

Check Craig's list for your shit and of course make sure you file a police report. Hit Scooter BBS too. Pictures are good.

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

They were in a locked garage, doors down, windows have bars on them, etc. Both were chained together but not to the floor. The side door was kicked in and they were both carried out together so it was a few people who took them and they must have had a car/van. This happened between 11:00pm Friday and 10:00am Saturday. My box of spare parts, spare tires, etc. were also all taken.

Someone had to have known they were there and not cared about noise, etc. The only thing I think I might have been able to do better (if I owned the house) would be to have installed an eye bolt into the concrete floor and have chained them to that. Either way I would have to assume that they would have been gone.

I did file a police report, gave VIN & Engine #'s, etc.

Re: Vespas Stolen - Need to replace

I have a project p125x (1980) and a well running Bravo I will part with. I am in Des Moines Iowa though. My wife wants a new Vespa, and we do not need 4.

I will make you a good deal - but the distance may be an issue.

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