Last time I remember meeting up for a ride was over the winter, so it's definitely time for another.

I propose a meet & ride this Saturday, 6/14, @ Handybikes, from about noonish to whenever. This time it won't be all cold and we can ride further than to Chipotle (although we should still ride there for lunch).

Ride thread is also over at the MAColumbus forums


Damnit, topic should read "Columbus, OH Weekend Meet & Ride", but I guess MA cuts off the subject without notice, and now I can't edit it.

Anyway, I want to see new people there too besides everyone in that picture. And if you want to be able to fix your posts and use fun bbcode post at MAColumbus


Oh crap, I just noticed next weekend is Bomb Prom... I should probably figure out a way to go to that instead. It's not that far from Columbus to Cinci by moped, is it?


go to bomb prom, have your ride on a weekend with out a rally and Ill come to it.


Sounds like a great idea just let me know which ever weekend it will be.


nate bandit is a g


It might be a fun ride from Columbus to Cincy but would there be a support truck or something?


there'd have to be for me to do it


Me also. It would be one hella fun ride tho.


Well the prom is going to be a no go for me as time will not allow it. I am still up for the Handybikes ride if anyone is going!!


I'm going to handy bikes tomorrow. My Bianchi is up there now set to be worked on so I should have a bike for the end of the week. Also I think I am picking up another bike this week (a tomos! blasphemy!) but I cant wait to ride again.


I don't have the whole weekend to go to Cinci either it seems. But I will be over to HandyBikes for a ride Saturday.


Bumpin' it up. Anyone not going to Bomb Prom this weekend meet up at Handy Bikes @ noon Saturday.


Hopefully I can fix the Sebring's carb in time for saterday, if so I'll be there. Also my friend Nathan just bought a new tomos from handybikes yesterday, so I will try to get him to come too.


bah, my bike is in with B.J. for service but idk if it will be ready by saturday


Damn... I live in Canton during the summer, if this was during the school year I would totally come out.

Have fun!


What about meeting up at the motorcycle lot during comfest?


yeah jeff, I thought about that too since i go every year and last year I saw a brown or maroon maxi parked there.

also, does anybody here have access to a welder because I need to have my clutch drum welded for my magnum


last year I saw red sach, two heros, one vespa, 1960's honda p50 and my two fiends (one of which was the maroon) maxi. BJ told me the guy across the street from H.B. is really cheap and dos a good job at welding.

if anybody is interested I'll be by the off ramp stage most of the time

or trying to get a fishboat



2:00pm Teeth of the Hydra

2:40pm Slide Machine

3:20pm Greenlawn Abbey

4:00pm Cheater Slicks

4:40pm Guinea Worms

5:30pm Necropolis

6:10pm TJSA

7:20pm Lydia Loveless

8:10pm 2Cow

9pm Brainbow

10pm Weightless


1250pm Whoa Nellie

140pm The Kyle Sowashes

230pm The Crawfords

320pm Apocalypso

410pm Ugly Stick

500pm Earwig

550pm Miranda Sound

640pm Red Dahlia

730pm 333

820pm Muscle Puzzle

850pm The Unholy Two

920pm Dead Sea

1000pm El Jesus De Magico


12pm The Handshake

1250pm Flashing Clock

140pm The Main Street Gospel

235pm Paper Airplane

330pm Los Caminos

425pm The Lindsay

520pm Tin Armor

615pm This is My Suitcase

710pm The Sun*

805pm Pirate


Do you own that kettenkrad, Jeff?


Sorry I do not : (

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