Moped Army Chat BLOWS

Ever try to ask a quick question on this silly useless board? It ain't about mopeds I quickly learned. I guess I never should have removed the "dope slap" feature from my komputer, it would have been nice to bump someones etch-a-sketch back to a blank screen. Then again, that's why I removed this feature in the first place, because it could never slap that hard in the first place.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

dude i was there when it went down. they tried to answer your question but something did work right cuz even after scrolling we never saw it. all we saw was you get mad and leave. it happens, but everyone on there is super helpful. relax, try again.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

I'm just hot and sweaty and couldn't sleep thinking about this stupid wheel Jay and I worked on today. I felt bad as shit sending him off from my crib with his wheel all fucked up wondering if he'd make it home.


Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

dude, i asked a question and within about 30 seconds had a response. worked great for me. and yes, head injuries do indeed suck.

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Blow 'em off the road /

Not to mention the hatemongers .. but I've mentioned them.

Jealousy .. tsk tsk.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

Well what do you expect at 1am, a board full of sober mechanics to answer your questions?

The place is great most of the time, but ya got to know when it's active.

I didn't see your question either, and I was there. I just saw ya get upset and leave. No one was trying to slap you.

That's okay we don't need negativity there anyway. I apologize for even getting on there last night when I did, as I was tipsy, and may have said some stupid crap, but I sure didn't mean for you to be upset.

Most of the time if people are chatting, we don't mind answering questions if we know the answers.

This sorta reminds me of that Gene Simmons song, _You've got great expectations_....

It's a friendly place in chat, and most of us there strive to keep it that way.


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My bad. I was just in a piss poor mood, it was like 92.8 degrees here at 1 in the morning.

My apology to anyone who saw my dickweed side.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

hehhee, no problem man, we all have our times.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

Ya just come in and ask again tonight.

There are a ton of knowlegable people on there - deezy, bry, saabsonnetguy , sky, and a ton more.

Its informal, and not always on topic, but thats how it goes.

Give it another shot.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

you blow

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

92.8 degrees?

it's snowing like a bastard.

if it was that hot, then it's your own fault.

change your thermostat.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

ha, didn't look at the dates.


kitten why did you bump this?

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

ugh let this die for gods sake

for the love of all things good. This is so ...june.

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

hey has anyone herd from peter since his accident

maybe il call him and see how hes doing

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

because i thought it was just andrew wrting that moped chat is good... i thought his comment was the parent thread... :( sorry j/k

Re: Moped Army Chat BLOWS

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