Motobecane Timing..I think I have it solved!

I think I'm closer to solving my Moby's timing troubles now. The timing on my bike appears to be 180 degrees out. Unlike other Mopeds, on Motobecanes, the timing is adjusted by pulling off, and then repositioning the timing CAM on the crankshaft. On other mopeds, the timing is set by loosening a few screws and then moving the stator plate a few degrees either way . Not so on a Motobecane. The stator plate on a Motobecane cannot be moved. You have to move the Timing Cam. Also, the timing CAM on a Motobecane is NOT held on to the crankshaft with a woodruff key. Instead, it is simply tapped into place. Thus, anyone can take off the cam and then put it back on 180 degrees (or any amount of degrees) off. I think this set timing up sucks. Mopeds that have woodruff keys holding the flywheel can only be re-assembled one way. In my situation, someone probably pulled off the cam at one time and then just tapped it back on the crankshaft 180 degrees out.

I think all I need to do to correct the timing on my bike it to just pull the cam off and then put it back on roughly 180 degrees out from where it is now. Hopefully, this will fix the problem. I'll let you know what happens after I try it this afternoon.

I hope this information is helpful to other Motobecane owners.

Special thanks to Ike of Ike's Bikes for all of his great technical advice and assistance!


Re: Motobecane Timing..I think I have it solved!

Good tip. I'm about to set the timing on my Motobecane, and I'll make sure not to put it on 180 degrees wrong.


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