Stolen mopeds in Northern Virginia

I'm seeking help from my fellow Moped Armyenians.

Left my Blue 2000 Tomos Targa LX in the driveway when I came home. Went to put it in the garage two hours later and it was gone! Wait it gets even better. I went around to the patio to get one of the spare mopeds. My two Garelli mopeds were also stolen.

The Tomos has a matching blue plastic milk carrier on the back. It has folding baskets on the rear and black bicycle bags attacked. It has a small red bag on the front. It has the biturbo exhaust and about 4400mile on the odometer. The plastic around the headlight and under the gas tank has been removed. So there is that hole you can see through under the gas tank. It has foot pegs instead of pedals.

One Garelli is a 1978 it is yellow and has a saddle type seat like a bicycle. It has a yellow plastic milk carrier on the back rack and saddle bags on the rack. Obviously, they could be gone by now. The bike is stock and looks in good shape. Has about 1300 miles if I remember.

The other Garelli is blue and greyish white on the bottom. It is a step-through but has a long seat and rear foot pegs. It has folding baskets on the back but they don't match. One is white and the other is chrome. About 2300 miles on it, I'm not sure about that.

I'm offering a reward for their return. I live in Annandale Va. I'd sure appreciate it if you folks kept a lookout for my peds. Thank you

Re: Stolen mopeds in Northern Virginia

chuck russo va /

hey, also e-mail all the moped owners in your area that are listed on this site and tell them to keep an eye out for your 3 peds,

also call your insurance company i think most will cover mopeds

Re: Stolen mopeds in Northern Virginia

also, call the police. always call the police and get a report down. if they catch some punk kids on it and pull them over, you can get them back. it also allows you to seize the bikes if you see them by just calling the police once you already have a report on the theft. good luck!

Re: Stolen mopeds in Northern Virginia

Thanks guys,

Called cops. They have been great! Plan on doing the flyer and contacting local shops. Hey Chuck, I've been responding to your email's but they keep coming back address unknown. I'll keep ya posted

Re: Stolen mopeds in Northern Virginia

chuck russo va /

hey john, is it the right e-mail address?

my e-mail has been kinda screwy latly, i have been missing alot of e-mails.

try both, i am sure to get the mail to one of them

check your email

chuck russo va /

hey john check your email

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