Dirt bikes, Dualsports,Racebikes

I have owned them all even a threewheeler before they were banned. I am now rideing a Ped for the fun of it. At 47 years old. But dam this thing is so cool. Livenlarge.........Whats your take.

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i had a 250r trike at one point, and a trizinger 250. super fun.

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peds r fun because they r 2 wheelers except smaller and cheaper cuz i don't have 1k$ sitting around but i need a 2 wheeler

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I grew up on a honda 125 4 trax

Then went to a 250 ninja

then a yamaha 600fzr

then a wreck

then a moped, 1978 hobbit

then an Enduro Honda 1975CT90 ( great bike) highly reccomend

then a 1977 Sachs GT sport with 14 miles on her!


yeah anything on 2 wheels as long as you can last longer than the bike!

kepp the rubber side down!

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I have a '79 Yamaha dirt bike that I built out of junkyard parts (can't understand people paying $10,000 for a dirt bike, just so they can take it out and thrash it, being rich must be nice), an old Honda 250R 3 wheeler that hasn't run in years, and probably never will again, and a really nice '07 American Lifan LF200GY-5 dual purpose bike that I had drop shipped to me from an authorized American Lifan dealer on the east coast, for a total of $1375, incl. shipping, and after more than a year, and 20,000+ klms, including 2 trips to San Diego at full throttle on the interstate, plus a lot of light trail riding, I've decided that this thing is indestructable. It will run all day at 65 mph flat out, and it costs less than a Tomos Targa LX. Peace. Jerry.


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Jerry: What kind of MPG you getting with the 200? I have a XL250S that gets about 65 MPG.

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I was looking at the American Lifan myself, I am glad to hear from someone who has one. Cool option For a dualsport. My friend spent 6000.00 for a yam 225 Dualsport Nice but $$$$

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jerry. you have a 250r trike??? dont let it rot! such a sweet deathtrap.

Re: Lifan Questions

A Lifan question:

What's a good checklist for putting a Lifan engine into service. Right now, I have a brand new Lifan replacement engine for an old Honda Cub-style bike that has a holed cylinder.

I am going to drain the shipping oil, bolt on the motor, replace the oil, and then slowly break it in. Is there anything else I should watch out for? Jerry, what kind of prep did you do to your drop-shipped bike?

Re: Lifan Questions

Basically all I did to the motor was drain out the oil that came in it before starting it, put in some new Walmart 20w50, and checked the valve clearances. They were ok. I changed the oil every 200 miles with Walmart oil, up to 600 miles, then left the Walmart oil in it till 1200 miles, and replaced it with 20w50 Mobile 1 motorcycle oil. It doesn't hold very much. I had to assemble a lot of stuff, including both wheels, handlebars, wiring, lights, fenders, battery, and a lot of little stuff. The only problem I ran into was the chain adjusters that go inside the hollow rectangular swing arm were to narrow, and tightening the rear axle nut would have crushed the swing arm. I spot welded some thick washers to the adjusters, and that solved the problem. Went over the bike, everything seemed ok, it fired right up. I let it idle for a few minutes to warm it up, then took it out and rode it a couple of miles real easy, varying the throttle, and revving the engine with the clutch in several times. I then did 3 or 4 full throttle runs up to about 50 mph, stopped and let it cool, and did 3 or 4 more full throttle runs. I did at least 10 full throttle runs, being careful not to let it over heat, to seat the rings. After that I just rode it carefully for the first 300 miles or so, lots of stop and go, lots of breaks to let it cool off. I gradually started riding it further and faster. At around 500 miles, I did a 100 mile ride, varying the speed from 45-65 mph, with a couple of rest breaks, and considered it broken in. It does not have an oil filter, but a cleanable screen. I checked this screen the first 3 oil changes, and never found anything. Bike has run fine ever since. It has a relaxed feel at 55 mph on the highway. This bike has an OHV engine, with pushrods, so there is no cam chain or cam chain tensioner to wear out and break. I'm really impressed with it. I've been riding it just like it was a Japanese bike, it feels like one, and nothing has broken yet. It may be Chinese, but it is a lot better quality than most Chinese scooters, and parts are readily available from the dealer, and are cheap. Peace. Jerry.

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I'm getting about 75 mpg on the highway, at 55-60 mph. Peace. Jerry.

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I think they are well worth the money, actually a lot more. You could get 4 of them for $6,000. But you need to get a real American Lifan. If it has a rear disc, it may be a Lifan, but is not a genuine American Lifan, which are only imported by American Lifan inc., for the U.S. market, and sold only by American Lifan franchised dealers. And no way would I take a $6,000 bike off road. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Lifan Questions

Thats cool. I never knew that they were pushrod motors. The OHC and associated parts are the biggest problem areas on the Honda 200 motors. I have owned several.

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