I guess I could count the teeth. Does anyone know howmany teeth the front and rear sprockets on a 2008 tomos Sprint has. what is a good combo for speed. All flat ground no hills hers. Thanks

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the drifter /

changing the sprocket is both the cheapest and best mod you can do, the A55 engine screams with unused power. Stock sprocket is 28 teeth in the back, it should say tomos 28 on it. The lowest sprocket you can change to in the back is a 22, if you go with a 20 then you need to modify shits. I would put a 22 on it and see how you like that to start off.


-sprocket link.

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Yup that is what I am thinking. Thanks

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changing your rear sprocket is the gateway mod, once you get the speed boost from that you will want more, you will buy a biturbo or techingas than buy a 110c big bore kit and than you'll be trieing to put a motorcycle engine on it.

Rear sprocket owns for a streetmate turns a 26-30mph bike into 35+easy

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the drifter /

with the sprocket and the pipe youll cruise easy at 40.

http://www.mopedshop.com/Moped-Exhaust-Systems-s/36.htm - bottom of page is it


the A55 adapter bracket youll need

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