going to portland

so i am for sure going to the portland rally. I am in Cupertino ca,

wondering who is going who would want to go.

I have my truck (i dont think it would make it though).

i also have recieved permission to use my dads dirt bike trailer, could probably get like 8 peds on there (janky but doable).

so shoot me an email aand lets see whats up.

maitland, how you getting there?

Re: going to portland

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

hey ive got a bronco that can carry at least 5 peds, and if youve got a hitch we can hook up to it i can drive us there with split gas of course. and maitland better be there, its been a long time coming.

Re: going to portland

that would be perfect. then if we had like a small bus or van that can hold like 10 people that would be awesome. I could prob take my moms civic. hrmmmm.

Re: going to portland

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

i can hual 6 people BUT if i use the fold out seat, can only carry 2 peds. BUT if we have the trailer we could cram everyone into the bronco to hold like 10 with bikes in tow

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