Mobiloil A ?

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My garelli has a sticker on it and it says to use Mobiloil A mixed with gas for the engine and straight mobiloil A in the gearbox. I don't know what it is and need a replacement fliud. The stuff I drained is pink, like tranny fluid. Anyone know?


Re: Mobiloil A ?

Alright, don't mind what it says on your ped. That was 30 years ago and there is much better stuff now. Although from my speculation maybe it was referring to Mobil oil specifically.

In your gas tank. Pre-mix 50:1 with 2 stroke specific oil.

This can be any type of 2 stoke oil, regular or synthetic. Stay away from the total cheap stuff as it will produce a lot of carbon build up that will degrade your peds performance overtime.

50:1 equals about 3 ounces of oil with one gallon of gas. Mix it in a separate container real good and then pour it in your gas tank.


Your tranny fluid should be refilled with any normal 10w30 motor oil NON-DETERGENT.

You can use 10w30 Synthetic to get your clutch to slip a little bit more and get slightly better off the line performance.

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