Tar on the Road

I kno you'v seen it. The tar they used to fill in cracks in the blacktop. yeah. slow down if your going through a turn and you see alot of them. I slid all the way to the yellow lines.

Re: Tar on the Road

Tar 'em all /

tar and feather all moped riders and run 'em ut of town .. get 'em on the highway .. lookin' for adventure .. in whatever comes alongggggggggggggg .. love embrace .. magic carpet ride. Hippies rule.

Re: Tar on the Road

toe fur threadkiller /

did you slide while staying upright? 'cause that's fun.

Re: Tar on the Road

My whole street was just newly paved,I've never felt such a smooth road.I want to ride my ped on it so bad.

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