Complete Book of Mopeds

Just bought this on Amazon. Published 1977, all black and white pics inside. Very good photographic and specification review of all (or many at least) of the mopeds available for sale at the time the book was released. Interesting how much re-badging was done by importers into the USA of Asian and European models. Worth buying a used copy...mone was just a couple of bucks.


Re: Complete Book of Mopeds

no shit! are there more? Id buy that in a second.

yea thats right, moby makes the cover page.

Re: Complete Book of Mopeds

Appears to be copies available in hardback and paperback. Bike on cover is identical make, model and cover to my own which was a nice bonus when the book arrived.

Re: Complete Book of Mopeds

my local library has this ive checked it out before

Scan it and put it up here

This and all printed technical manuals should be free. Particularly some non-brand-specific manual. Don't just tell us how great it is, show us! Make it possible - scan it and throw it up here for all to see.

Re: Scan it and put it up here

i just bought a copy. 10 bucks shipped. yeaaaa im so excited.

i believe something like it is available at or somewhere, i know ive read something like it. oh yea yea im thinking dempsey's moped repair at MRA. cool stuff.

when i get it, if im cool enough i'll scan the pages and post em up here.

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