Boston Ride Today???

Oy! What's going on today. It's gonna be hotter than the hinges of Hells gates today. How 'bout heading here to Southie today and hanging out and cruising around the beaches. It'll probably be about 10-15 degrees cooler by the water and I'm sure we can find a spot to ourselves somewhere.

Anybody awake yet?

Jay, were you able to figure out the axle or did you have to make a late night intervention call to the Samaritans...

Re: Boston Ride Today???

that sounds amazing. It's just a little far for me to go on my newly running/un-registered bike :(

Re: Boston Ride Today???


Re: Boston Ride Today???

Okay - everybody has other plans. I just came back from a quick jaunt, the beach is the place, 10-15 degrees cooler with a nice ocean breeze. See you down and around Castle Island.


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