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I'm new to the forum, and need some good advice.

I've just bought a Yamaha MS-50 (ladies vanity case bike!) 1984 scooter/moped in lovely midnight blue ! i'm thinking it may have been a bad move, ok it starts...but it will need new battery is this going to be hard to find and for that matter all the parts, hasty purchase but i would love to get it in good working order, can i get 2 stroke petrol aswell (is this the same as petrol mowers)? also for a motorbike mechanic to give it a good check over etc how much do they normally charge?

all your comments would be much appreciated and even better if there is an owner of one of these ape handle funny looking things.....:-) your experience tales would be fun to hear.

many thanks


aka tracey

Re: Yamaha MS-50

Tracey... You have what we in the states call a Towny noped. Easy to find parts and easy to work on. Go to a motorcycle dealer for the battery. Yes you'll need 2 stroke oil to add in your tank or if there's a functioning oil system you can put it in there. Premixing should be around 40:1. If you need a mechanic any small engine/mower repair guy should be able to help you. I have no clue what they charge in your neck of the planet.

Re: Yamaha MS-50

Hi Bukwheat

Thank you so much for that info, i was beginning to wonder whether i had done something mad buying this old moped, you don't see these at all in the UK so if anything i may have a good investment anyway at least if i keep it another 10 years it will be 30+ years old and becoming vintage! However, i will have some fun with it for the time being.

Re: Yamaha MS-50

just to say that if your bike has a separate oil tank under the seat then petrol and oil mixing is not needed

Re: Yamaha MS-50

Not sure how they are for international shipping, but in the U.S. you can get just about any stock part for most bikes through bikebandit.com. I bet a Yamaha dealer could help you with a battery too.

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