OT: Skydiving

just wondering if anyone here is a skydiver. i do. my home dz is skydive wayne county in richmond, indiana (not too far from cincy). if anyone jumps and comes to bomb prom maybe we could ride our bikes out and make a jump together. that would be the shit.

Re: OT: Skydiving

I'm in Cincy- I doubt my ped will be running for the meet, however I'm organizing a group that wants to skydive in the fall. Lookin for somewhere great to jump from. Any suggestions?

Re: OT: Skydiving

if u get me up there i will do it .but i have never done it before so idk wtf i am doing

Re: OT: Skydiving

let me know when you go in the fall. i'd be glad to help you get stuff organized and let the dz know you guys are coming so they have enough staff on hand.

i jump here: www.skydiverichmond.com its about 20 minutes outside of miami university (oxford) so it'd be somewhat of a trek on a ped, but if you dont make it out to the rally shoot me an email when you get around to doin it.

check out the site if you need more information on how things would play out for your first jump. or just talk to me at the rally and maybe we can get something together.

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