dam cops dont folly trafic rules

billy bob /

this one fuckn cop was on the phone and not watchin the road and i was going donw the road and the fucker rear ended me in my brand new cadilac escalade the fucker dented my spiner whells i got out and i almost pulled my nine out and caped that fucker in the ass i would have but luckley i have good insurence and i got alot of money out of it i pimp out my moped i bought to i put like black lights and shit on it and a fur seat it is cool i put a radio in it to it is asome

Re: dam cops dont folly trafic rules

my pimped out ride has neon lights on it and shit

Re: dam cops dont folly trafic rules

Neon is okay, I guess, but I'd clean the shit off the ped if I were you. Sheesh.

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