ot: i am DYING.

i have eaten only a bowl of oatmeal and a salad in 3 days. 3 DAYS. i am seriously losing my mind. i cry for no reason and i get dizzy in i move too fast. i feel like an old shakey woman who doesn't know where she is.

i am too broke to buy food right now so i'm just planning on dying. whoever can fix my moped can have it. my tv's up for grabs too.

also i finally got my moped army shirt; i'll be wearing it in my casket.

Re: ot: i am DYING.


Stop that right now! Somebody make this girl a sandwich!

I cry spontaneously all the time too, but in your case it's because your body is weak. ANOTHER reason I should live closer to you. I'd feed you!

Re: ot: i am DYING.


(no offense meant with the woman part :) )

hope you feel bettter!!! and I'd be glad to help you out if you have no money to buy food.

what's wrong with your ped?

Re: ot: i am DYING.

there is always food pantries don't be too ashamed to use them , I had a big juicy barbecued steak for supper and a big pile of onion rings and I washed it down with an ice cold ice tea YUMMY !! I think I will have a bowl of ice cream now with whipped cream and chocolate sauce cheers !

Re: ot: i am DYING.

my boyfriend's at the store buying donuts and corn.

so i get donuts and corn. yay!

and my moped is slow. i don't know why. i think either an air problem/timing problem/both. who knows.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

geez Buddy - your body is shutting down due to low blood sugar and possibly lack of water . Somebody ride over there and feed this girl - real food , and not beer or alcohol !! It makes the symptoms even worse and dehydrates you faster . If you are at the point of nasea then we have a big problem on our hands - pretty serious stuff folks.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

Yes, yet another reason. I wanna make that gorgeous bike of yours purr! I still think it could be jetting. Timing may be some of it too.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I'm not doing anyone tonight. I'll look at the ped.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

Shove the corn in the donut and make sexual jokes :)

Try experiment with your air filter and timing :) Find the proper points gap and see if you can get more air into the carb :)

Re: ot: i am DYING.


Re: ot: i am DYING.

You need to turn your couch over and gather up pennies and the like, soda cans are good too. Do not forget the magic that is Ramen Noodles. the 15 cent meal that can provide the calories to get the job done!

Re: ot: i am DYING.

§ćŗάτçλmªřċ • /

dont worry, we'll come visit you...

oops, i forgot flowers! (j/k)

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Calories Yes BUT DO NOT eat the packaged seasoning- over 1500+mgs of sodium and chocked full of MSG . Just for grins - measure your heartrate before eating the noodles and seasoning then after eating it - BP should almost double as well as your heartrate , to those allergic to MSG funny how it makes your head pound for about 8-10 hrs . Most people think it's a migraine - wrong.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

2 words girl:


At 35cents a pop....its like a gift from god to us poor moped ppl.

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I hope this is a joke.

Naw , you arent dying yet. Probably a good 45 more days in ya if your just on water alone.

After about 3 or 4 your looking at a good possiblility of a Sodium / electrolyle loss siezure, or a good ol friendly potassium siezure.

Eat a bananna, and drink some gatorade and get some food.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

If you have time to do this before you die, it could help: figure out what days the different supermarkets throw out expired food, and then get it out of the dumpsters. If the packaging is intact, and it looks ok, I eat it. Most of the stuff that 'expires' and they throw away is perfectly good food. And it's free. Oh, but produce or dairy obtained in this way are generally NOT safe. If you've got some poor/dirty hippy/college/homeless friends, they might be able to tell you what days these are. There's no reason to starve in this culture of wanton and disposable opulence.

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Edward Richardson /

My GF thought I was crazy last month because I bought 5 lbs of sugar, 5 lbs of flour, large container of oatmeal, 3 lbs of corn meal, large box of powdered milk and 2 cases of Ramen. I remember things going to shit in a hurry back in the 70's driving for miles into Houston past hundreds of stripped out cars that ran out of gas and got scavenged, the first letter of your license plate determining what day you could buy gas. Good times. Not. Packed in airtight plastic containers I've got a couple weeks of peace of mind.

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one word RAMEN noddles at 12 cents a package and like 4 flavors

Re: ot: i am DYING.

livejournal, you fucking weirdo.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

This post is very "attention-whore"-ish.

If you're able to access the internet, then you have a ton of resources towards getting food. You're not out on the street.

There are people in third world countries, actually starving. Grow the fuck up.

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toe fur threadkiller /

i beg to differ, dumpster dude.

produce is most definitely good outta the dumpster, just so long as it's still, well, good. check it like you would fruit or veggies that you've had on your counter for a while. then wash it well.

dairy is good if you catch it right after they chuck it.

cheese generally lasts a good long while.

hit sandwich shops for lunchmeat and tomatoes and lettuce, bagel shops for bread, grocery stores for a bit o' everything.

also, give plasma so that you can buy booze to go along with all the dumpster delights.

living iike a king(or queen) in no time.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

Edward Richardson /

The world is just one big giant salad bar to some folks, but be careful and remember the "Curse of the Commons". Look what happened to that free biodiesel oil, Imagine suburban yuppies deciding to start dumpster diving enmass.

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Maybe instead of moping in front of the computer you should go out and get a job.

I know taking positive steps to improve your situation is harder than sitting and bitching but damn.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

ahahaha... wow i like how this pissed people off.

i have just as much as a right to post things here as much as you have a right to post complaining about how much that stick in your ass hurts.

obviously i was not DYING. jesus christ.

you internet people are funny.

and i do have a job, but, you know, they don't give me money everyday.

also a fun note: CHILI DAWGS.

Re: ot: i am DYING.

You're absolutely right. You have the right to create pointless threads simply to draw attention to yourself. All it does is make you look childish, but that's fine.

I fail to see a joke, though. You should volunteer at a soup kitchen sometime and take a look at some people that are actually starving. You went into a lot of detail (foods, times, symptoms) for something that was a "joke". Grow up, little girl.


Happy Birthday.

Re: PS:

Re: PS:

To all the people who just said that there are a lot of actually starving people out there, what do you do to help them? Stating that they are starving doesn't really help them does it :) and either way, it's just a silly thread, if you don't like it why post right?

Re: ot: i am DYING.

That's it!

Bend over for your group spanking!!!!

oh, and Happy Birthday!

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