Backlight fixed - thanks for the advice folks!

Jamie Leonard /

Well I finally managed to track down the connector that was giving me problems on my tomos - basically one of the rear connectors behind the rear light had worked loose but wasn't fully off (now it works fine... but I'll be a week cleaning the grease off of me!) MAN I wish they designed these so you didn't have to take off the rear wheel to get at those particular connectors!

I also managed to replace one of the headlight fixture bulbs on my jerry-rigged headlight design with a lower wattage... works much better (basically I have a 35watt main bulb, 10 watt secondary headlight.... moped seems able to take the load and still work the turn signals which isn't bad)

I'll be posting pics in a few days... am just finishing up a temporary fairing to go around them til the custom one is finished (should look decent enough when spraypainted to last a few weeks)

Thanks all who offered suggestions! :)


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