buyer protection

How would one protect themselves when buying from someone on this site?

The person that I would like to buy from wants the check to clear before the item ships.

Quite understandable, however, how do I know that the item will ship, and what can I do if the item does not ship?

With these questions in mind how is one suppose to buy an item off this website?

Re: buyer protection

Buying from someone on this site is not recommended, unless it is from eBay, and even then it can get risky. Use the search function to find tons of horror stories from people who bought something from someone on this site. Peace. Jerry.

Re: buyer protection

Most people on here are fine, decent people. I have bought several things and never had a problem. That said, some people have had problems with one or two people. Just look them up and see if they've sold anything on here before.

Re: buyer protection

How would I look them up?

Re: buyer protection

search topic in general / buys,sell click subject pretty much forever and search there name

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