New Jersey Mopeds

I know you at the moped army break balls to people in New Jersey. I am new and have not seen a moped with-in 25 miles of my house. Today I am rideing my new Sprint and see a Street-Mate going the other direction ( on rt.555) and a LX black parked at the WaterIce stand across from the middle school in Williamstown. Some areas are loaded with peds I see two in the same day and I am in shock . Either of you guys on this web site?

Re: New Jersey Mopeds

soon i will be back out riding i hope. i go thre franklinville every now and then so maybe ill see you. i am ether on a green garelli or a Metallic red and white tomos.

Re: New Jersey Mopeds

holy hell man theres like 75 kids with them down here, it was probably ray and matt tozer, matt has a streetmate and ray has a black lx and i think they ride toghter

Re: New Jersey Mopeds

How is this? I've been riding around for 2 years, and I havent seen ANY other mopeds, besides mine, ever. Its getting really boring riding by myself.

Re: New Jersey Mopeds

around cape may wildwood court house and all those areas near there, i see atleast a dozen people on mopeds or scooters daily.

Today was gorgeous and i saw 20 at leASt

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