Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

I bought a 1978 honda hobbit. Does anyone know if there are any upgrade kits to get this ped moving a little faster? Bore kit? Was this a good buy for $300 only 350 miles with all original and original tires. Can I find part easy?


Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300


I got good news and bad news depends on who you are.

I thin its all good.

Being this is your first bike, it is the best for you. It is the PA 50 I, which is the slower of the 2 hobbittses. You can only top out at30, while the PA 50 II does any rate, it is a great bike! Last forever and they are quick stock. Put a pipe on her and you might get 5mph more or so...

Good price too, buy the manual online on ebay...


Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

I dis ageree with James. By design the red PA50I model Hobbits would only make 20mph+/- The yellow PA50II mopeds would only make 30mph+/-

So... You have bought a nice looking bike but there are a bunch of differences in the engine such that in order to make it go faster will be a major project.

Probably the easiest thing you can do is to buy a complete PA50II (up to 1980) engine and swap it out. Be sure that the new engine has the carb that goes with it.

Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

I am no expert, but I believe you can kit them fairly easy. On top of that, the Variator is huge untapped technology for 50cc motors. It is all about fine tuning and timing everything to work smoothly. Good luck and if you decide to sell it, let me know.

Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

Here's the deal: that's a pa50I

If you stayed where you're at, you're going to go 20 mph on that puppy. forever.

If you want to convert it to a pa50II and want to know the differences, do a search in the performance tuning section and look at the wiki and stuff.

Once you get it up to PA50II speed, which will be 30 mph, you can check out some performance upgrades:

1. A kit

2. A performance pipe (nowadays pipes for hobbits are virtually nonexistent)

3. There are some intense variator mods that can make that shit explode. (in a good way)

...I guess you could do those upgrades regardless of being at a PA50II level...

In my experience replacement parts are easy to find except for brake cables. Performance parts show up pretty regularly.

I'd recommend taking Jester's offer and then turn around and use the money to get a PA50II.

Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

You didn't do too bad, they are very nice bikes. I've pushed my PA50I up to 27 by modding the variator but that's all the more it will do with the engine stock. It's not fast but definitely acceptable and the engine runs so much better with the extra load on it.

Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

hold out for a PA50-II engine on ebay. great starting point.

Re: Question Honda Hobbit 350 miles $300

You got a good price on a nice bike, but due to the fact that it is a 20 mphmodel, with out some major work it will not go much faster. On the plus side these bikes will last a good long time with famous Honda reliability. Enjoy it, learn to ride and then buy a different ped to hop up!

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