E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

Ok so its finally together. In there is all new bearings and seals, a 3 shoe is good to go with the PAZ springs, Its got one of those exploding DMP suffed cranks ( im hoping the stuffing is gonna stay in the bird ) and I case matched the cases to the metra kit pretty meticulously.

Only one thick heavy base gasket on here

<a href="http://photobucket.com"; target="_blank"><img src="http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l258/andrewhed/DSC_0205.jpg"; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Then the 65 metra HEAVILY PORTED ( naw im lying, i didnt touch it , honestly )

Check out the piston at the bottom of the stoke through the intake - is the piston ring supposed to come down that far? I thought it was supposed to hit metal at the bottom of the stroke so it would cool. Its not a polini, id rather it not act like one.

<a href="http://photobucket.com"; target="_blank"><img src="http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l258/andrewhed/DSC_0208.jpg"; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Here it is assembled in the kitchen. I actually did use spray olive oil PAM to get one of the nuts on the stud real nice.

<a href="http://photobucket.com"; target="_blank"><img src="http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l258/andrewhed/DSC_0210.jpg"; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Tommorow i gotta dremel this last bit off the intake so it will flow better:

<a href="http://photobucket.com"; target="_blank"><img src="http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l258/andrewhed/DSC_0211.jpg"; border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Whats the thoughts on that piston ring?

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

And yeah, i know, the outside of the case is filthy. its not gonna be concours ready lol

Thanks Jackson who gave me the "good bottom end" haha, i needed to learn how to do this and probably would have done it anyway, Brystheguy who made the great tutorial on the wiki, Saabsonnetguy who made a great video on how to case match , Jae Lee and Jon Fishsticks for telling me to stop whining and just rebuild the damn thingand everyone else who answered my stupid questions.

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

the one thats catching?

looks like you need another base gasket.

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

nothings catching, just dont like how that ring - there is only one - doesent sit on metal a bdc

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

More base gaskets would just put that further over the intake....

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

Don't worry about the intake side. Look at the exhaust and keep adding base gaskets until the piston is not showing at all in the exhaust. The fresh charge will cool the intake side. You only need to worry about the hot exhaust gasses when the ring isn't covered in the exhaust flow at BDC.

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

very top of the piston is showing in exhuast hole.

I need a couple more base gaskets. I kinda figured as much about the intake and the cool air, that makes perfect sense, but was wondering if this was the cause of that mystery polini tip of the piston crusty.

That big intake and 19.5 carb should provide plenty of fresh air.

Thanks man.

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

Ok , Now dont frigin go and jam the shit out of it till its broken in I dont want to hear a week from now that it blew all to pieces , the one reason i dont invest in one of them kit thingys I dont want to see my money in little bitty pieces on my garage floor

Re: E50 Finally done, One Last Qusetion!

naw dont worry im gonna break in in slow and rich. Its going with a promo circuit, and im shooting for torque, so no need to think ill be racing anyone on the thing.

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