stripped gas tank

So I am stripping the paint off my gastank with the intentions of applying a few new paint and clear coats. I am now remembering how much I liked the look of the tank once the aircraft stripper had it down to it's raw metal base. Anything wrong with keeping the tank it this state and directly appklying clear coat to the metal? Does the clear coat require a layer of paint to adhere properly or will it do the job?

Re: stripped gas tank

Clearcoat will work fine over bare metal, but may not last as long as paint. Peace. Jerry.

Re: stripped gas tank

Ask JCampbell, I think he did that on the bottom part of his pinto tank. It looks like this:

The top part of the tank is chrome, but that middle part I'm pretty sure is bare metal with clear coat.

Re: stripped gas tank

Damn. Nice moped. How did I miss that one? Peace. Jerry.

Re: stripped gas tank

George Smith /

There are actually lots of products for bare metal...Those dumbass X-metals rustoleum paints are awesome...Gives an almost annodized look...There is some nice clears though...

Re: stripped gas tank

those actually work?

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