My Cop incident

A couple of weeks ago I was riding up Yonge St (main downtown street in Toronto) on a Sunday morning around 7:30 am. I had to be at a friends by 8 and I was late.

So I'm zooming up the street doing 65km/h (40miles/hr)

I believe the speed limit is around 40km/hr.

SO as I mentioned i Was zipping along and made a quick lane change to pass a car and change right back again. so I can just make it through a yellow.

Basically making an unsafe lane change and crossing a yellow at the same time doing 25km/h faster on a moped that should only go 50km/hr legally.

I just happened to look in my rear view mirror and realize the car I quickly rode around was a cop. DOH! busted.

Slowed down and stopped at the next red light. At this point the cop had been following me for a block or so.

I make it to the red and the cop coasts up beside me and then in front of me. One of the cops get out and tells me to pull over.

I shut the engine and popped the bike onto the stand.

So the cop comes over and asks so what is that you're driving. So I decide to answer its a tomos but not that its a moped. In Ontario the plate says its a moped but hey maybe he won't look. yah right!!!

So he says wow that thing goes fast for being a moped. Damn he knew! SO I answer yah not to bad but still within legal speed.

He smiles and laughs and says yah and a bit faster when you need to I noticed. Ok some I m busted!

I answered yeah I guess I was going a bit fast.

So he finally says. I just pulled you over because I was looking for a moped and wanted to know what it was and how you enjoyed it . It turns out he lives a few blocks from where I do and he finds driving in the city absolutely nuts and wanted something that he could feel comfortable driving that would have enough pep when needed.

We talked a bit and I finally mentioned I was running late and he said oh right I guess I should have realized that considering how you were driving. he took down the number of the place I bought it. Yeah torontomopeds sticker on the ped and said I better hurry if I want to make it on time.

Since then I've seen the cop in the hood and around King West and he waves when I go by.

Anyways I just figured I would post a positive cop story for once.

Re: My Cop incident


Re: My Cop incident

Badur, You know what they say ' Toronto cops are tops ' How are you doing, haven't heard from you in a while. bruce

Re: My Cop incident

were do all you guys live i live in oshawa

Re: My Cop incident

I live in Etobicoke, and Badur lives in Toronto near the CNE. bruce

Re: My Cop incident


Re: My Cop incident

seems cops outside the US are always more laid back. they usually know what 'protect and serve' means... and don't have impotence/control issues...

Re: My Cop incident

cool story. once, a cop walked up to us in our hang out at a coffee shop. he just asked if we were "the moped army kids" and then asked how he could get a moped for his son.

btw, cops are pretty ok most of the time. we only seem to notice the "bad" moments.

Same Old Same Old

You may characterize this as a "positive" cop story, but I interpret it differently.

Your friendly policeman used his badge and authority to pull you over for a reason that had nothing to do with enforcing the law. He used his position to demand a citizen pull over so that he could pursue a PERSONAL issue.

I don't know about Canada, but in the U.S. a policeman has to have a valid reason to pull you over. Personal curiosity doesn't qualify.

No harm, no foul. But what if you hadn't done anything illegal and he had still pulled you over to inquire about your machine? Further, what if this made you late for work or an appointment?

It's still the same ol' thing. Too many cops think they're above the law and will use their authority to promote their own personal agenda. I can't even count how many times I've seen a cop illegally parked in order to enter a restaurant for a meal.

Re: Same Old Same Old

in Hong Kong, the central Police station will notice whenever the cop cars turn on their emergency lights, and the cop will have to write up reports why, where...etc.

so cops in HK are not abusing this function that often

Re: My Cop incident

Hi Bruce

Indeed they are.

Sorry I haven't talked to you since the meet.

I 've just been crazy busy, but at least keeping the ped upright this season.

Getting better at dealing with the streetcar tracks

Re: My Cop incident

I agree. Thats why i thought this story was valid and needed to be posted. At least my experience with cops has been great over the years. And i certainly have done a few not so legal things in my time that I could have been hasseled for a lot more than I ever was.

Re: Same Old Same Old

Actually I only assumed he was pulling me over for speeding or the crazy lane change. He may not have noticed or cared.

the way the cagers and even some bike couriers drive in this city I wouldn't doubt if he even thought about what I did as not so legal.

And honestly I have been pulled over or slowed down by a lot of people just to ask about the ped and show genuine interest in it. So maybe the cop was just doing that.

It was my own sense of guilt that really made me stay and talk and the fact that he was really cool person. and we ended up talking about the neighborhood and how its changed over the years.

But i guess you have your biases and that won't change.

Anyways hope you enjoyed the story.

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